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Vienna, Austria July 2014
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Yes sadly it's our last night in Vienna +Glen Schlueter, but I am looking forward to seeing my family again.
Thanks so much for all your hospitality and help, it was so great to finally meet you and your lovely wife Ira. :)

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I quite like what they did with my photo story about our recent trip to Bath with +Mykal Hall

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Bath maze 
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Nice spot to stand!

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does look a little green

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The Painted Room in The Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich on my Nexus 4

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This is so cool!!! Our first day in Paris :)
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Thank you. Im havng a ball!! I did it on my Nexus phone +Adrian McHarg:)) 
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Budapest was one of our favourites...right up there with Prague with +Mykal Hall :)

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A Maze in Bath, UK

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The Roman Baths in Bath
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Good tip teacher :))

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+Mykal Hall tells this story beautifully about my heritage and family history x
Rotunda Of St Marija Assunta - Miracle Of Mosta

Our next destination to be shared is Malta!!! This tiny island 80km south of Sicily holds a special place in our hearts as it’s the birthplace of Dianne’s parents, relatives still living there and a village full of previously unknown cousins. This was a journey for Dianne to visit the country of her parents and discover its rich history and memories she first encountered more than 40 years ago. We were there 2 weeks and for a small island it has so much to see. I didn’t do it justice with my images as there were more photo opportunities missed. Next time we return I’ll be hiring a car and getting to those missed locations in the right light conditions.

Imagine this, sitting in your local church awaiting the evening mass on the 9th April 1942, air-raid sirens screaming wondering whether you should be heading for the underground shelters below the church (as Dianne’s mum remembers vividly and the reason for our visit) or test your faith in God as 300 people did that day. Well, someone was looking after them as two bombs bounced off the great dome however a third pierced through the roof, bounced off a wall and landed before the altar without exploding or injuring anyone inside the church. Shear luck, maybe, but for those inside it would have seemed like a miracle. Me, I would have been out of their quick smart to change my undies…. ;)

So to dramatise this image for the story told, I underexposed it to capitalise on the ray of light shining through the dome. 

#ArchitecturePhotography   #TheMaltaDome   #Church   #Miracle   +Olympus  +Olympus AU  #OlympusOMDEM5   #onOneSoftware   #PerfectPhotoSuite  
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+Mark O'Callaghan they have monuments older than the peramids. Thanks mate.
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If you can't beat 'em, join 'em
Joined Google+ so I didn't become a photography widow... :) I've met some of the amazing Google+ Community on my first Google+ Cockatoo Island Sydney Walk back in April 2012:) As serendipity would have it I have since taken a liking to photography and have begun an interesting learning journey with Mykal as my mentor/teacher.
I look forward to meeting a lot of Mykal's 'Tribe' as we venture out to new locations and I practise using my very raw and newly acquired photography skills  :))
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I'm married to a pretty amazing guy <3
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