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Garret Evans
I have fun with nerdy things.
I have fun with nerdy things.

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I forgot all about this. Does anyone still exist here?

Ever since Google made Hangouts its own website, I kind of have stopped coming to G+ as often. Perhaps it was inevitable.

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I like writing reviews of older games because it gives me a chance to play with sprits in Photoshop!
Because the world needed a review of a 20 year old game. But really, who doesn't love Yoshi's Island?

I have been getting "Change Your Password" emails from Sony quite a bit this week. I imagine someone has found out my log in name and is hitting "forgot password" or something. 

Is anyone else having this issue?

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Apparently, there is a python book (for beginners) that is free right now if anyone is interested. It's called Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python.

To make it free, one must send a social network post; so that is why you are seeing this!

But I hear the book is good, so I am going to check it out.

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Users of the BBC News app received this very odd push alert today: 

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At least we know Iwata didn't miss E3 over a cold or something.
Iwata was missing from E3 this year, and now we know why.

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I think #Nintendo killed it, but I am slightly biased.

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