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Psycho Holo Suite is a new zine with bizarro/popculture stories and metafictional interludes featuring the authors.

Mine's about immortality. And stalking.

Here's a preview of the zine!

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Extremely happy and excited on a nearly molecular level to say that my novel Not Dark Yet, will be published by Two Dollar Radio!

More about the novel in this interview with the publisher:

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The Apex Book of World SF 3 edited by Lavie Tidhar and featuring one of my stories, Dancing on the Red Planet, is a NPR pick of best book of 2014!

Thank you so much Lavie for reprinting my story and to Ian Sales for publishing it in the awesome hard SF antho Rocket Science first.

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Georgia Bellas has read and featured Midsummer Murders, my homage to the TV series with the (almost) same name in her podcast, Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon/The Secret Lives of Stuffed Animals.

Very thrilled to have the story read and podcasted, alongside a story by Kelly Link! Go check them out!

Thank you so much Georgia for featuring my story and for creating a great audio version of it!

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A few months ago, Cartridge Lit graciously published my story Every Thought, Every Motion.

The editors asked a few questions about favorite games, writing versus gaming, what the biographical game of my life would be, which novel I’d most like to see converted into a game, and more.

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"People tend react to Svalbard in two ways,” Joe, our guide, said. “They either love it and want to stay for as long as possible, or they can’t handle it and leave after a few days. The Arctic has a way of getting under your skin."

Natura Dominatur - or: How the Arctic Gets Under Your Skin

More pictures here:

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Kathy Fish, one of my favorite writers, invited me to participate in the Writing Process Blog Tour.

I talk about the writing process and a little bit about the two novels I have been working on the last year.

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In connection with the release of The Apex Book of World SF 3, editor Lavie Tidhar asked me to write a list of 5 things connected with writing.

Here are my 5 settings for stories:

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"She sent him to an island in the Antarctic so small and remote only a handful of intelligence agencies knew about it."

Every Thought, Every Motion is my story in Cartridge Lit,
the only lit mag (so far) dedicated to fiction, poetry, and non-fiction inspired by games!

Thank you so much to editors for letting this story sneak in! Go check out their other awesome stories and poems!

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Writer Craig Pay shows how to reuse the hard drive of an old laptop as a portable HD.

Thank you so much for the solid advice, Craig!
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