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All those facts about plants are impressive and amazing, but the thinking analogy is silly. Plants don't have brains or a nervous system, so by definition they can't "think" or "be smart". All of the processes you described are nastic responses and evolutionary traits.

They don't make a conscious decision to smell like dead corpse to detect bugs, release toxins to kill animals, or exchange nutrients. They just do it because those traits allowed them to survive natural selection. 2:46 You don't "measure intelligence" by "solving problems", "interacting", or "working in groups" if none of those processes are made consciously.

I know this video is just a symbolic way to illustrate fun facts about plants, but many of your subscribers are kids who take everything literally, and if they sincerely ask you afterwards if their brocolli can feel pain, you didn't explain it well. That's the problem with pop science, and why you shouldn't oversimplify a complex concept.

Here's a good read if you're interested in more: