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Dave Moore
Human Potential Technology Creator | TRANSFORMATION Evangelist | Development, Advancement & Growth Catalyst | Iconoclast | Critical Thinker | #HPTTransformation
Human Potential Technology Creator | TRANSFORMATION Evangelist | Development, Advancement & Growth Catalyst | Iconoclast | Critical Thinker | #HPTTransformation

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Paradise Found
I am mostly in "isolation mode" as I call it. Rather than having visitors, or interacting with people as much as I did, I am focusing on working on myself, What am I working on? The HPT-Transformation Mastery Course, and other advanced training materials th...

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It isn't about just ONE thing!
What is your definition of success? A flashy car, a big house, a yacht, tons of money...whatever your definition of success is, it's personal.  It will be unique to you. What makes people successful? One overlooked common denominator of all successful peopl...

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Creating Happiness
An enlightened, fully SELF-Realized person once explained the truth about happiness to me. Your happiness must be anchored in the experience of the SELF.  It must be established in understanding the "oneness" of all that is and that you are not separate fro...

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Beware False Prophets or Profits
I have heard more and more about perfection in the last few days from all different angles… Aren’t these three comments great? How many so called self help people tell you this: "My life is perfect" "Everything I want comes to me" "I have no worries, concer...

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Here is a tip to make you feel better.  Every day, make it a point to do the following.  First, smile as often as you can. Smile for no reason. Just smile. Second, laugh as often as you can. Laugh for no reason and as often as you can.  Third, sing out loud...

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Fun or Empowerment?

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Possibility Thinkers Creed
When dealing with the various situations, challenges and circumstances in your life, you might want to consider the "Possibilities Thinkers Creed".  This was taught to me in the mid 1990's. Most people today have never heard of it.  Consider this powerful "...

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Firewalking: Fun or Empowerment?
Firewalking as a metaphor for overcoming your fears has really been done to death. Tony Robbins in the news again because people got burnt at one of his events again.  I can't believe that people still use firewalking as part of their program. Back in 1997 ...

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Do They Understand?
Klingon Spoken The Salesman Talks  Klingon  to a Customer! So there I was browsing in the computer shop. Looking at all of the interesting toys and gizmo’s on display. I saw a laptop exactly the same as mine. Same spec, everything. Well, apart from one cruc...
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