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From Alabama to Norristown, It’s Called “Parochialism”
I’m going to begin the new year with an
old subject, which reared its ugly head again last month, in a minor Facebook
kerfluffle.   The p osting an article about the
progress of Norristown’s Lafayette Street Project initiated the
discussion.   I support the...
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Wishing You A Happy "America First" Christmas!
I don't do
"political posts."  I do, however, make my positions on certain
subjects clear, without regard for the political sensitivities of my readers,
because I address the history of these subjects, and the truth they possess,
which, despite the Internet...
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Does Opposing Columbus Day Mean Erasing Local History?
It’s time to return to my series on immigration,
and spending Columbus Day last month in San Francisco provided an interesting
prism through which to view the conflicting images of Christopher Columbus that
co-exist in the U.S.   I followed the
ceremonies a...
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A Bike Trail Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Port Indian
Last month, I wrote in support of the Chester
Valley Trail’s being routed through Bridgeport, Pa., and across the Schuylkill
River to join the Schuylkill Valley Trail in Norristown.   I termed the proposal “exciting,” and said it
“offers a great deal of pot...
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The Chester Valley Trail Will Be Good For Bridgeport
I’m suspending my blog series on Immigration
yet again, to discuss an exciting proposal that has been presented to one of my
eight subject towns, Bridgeport, Pennsylvania.The proposal offers a great deal
of potential, but it comes with a catch, a big one.  ...
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This month, I am suspending my series
of posts on illegal immigration in order to respond to the recent wave of gun
violence in Norristown, Pa., my favorite town.   Since January 1, there have been ten incidents where people have been
shot.   This culminate...
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Illegal Immigrants: Congress Created the Problem, and Then Made It Worse
In last month’s post, I summed up the
source of our problem of illegal immigration:   the combined effects of Congress terminating the Bracero Program in 1964 and enacting the Immigration and
Nationality Act in 1965.   As a result, I
wrote, “ A large number...
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Why Did So Many Hispanics Come to the U.S. Illegally Since 1965?
It’s time to update things.   I have focused so far on the Italian end of
the “Hispanics are the new Italians” theme that I have been pursuing.   I have hardly mentioned Hispanics yet, for
the good and sufficient reason that they just didn’t figure into the...
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Columbus Day and the Italian Heritage; Further in Debt to Hank Cisco
Last October, I began a series of monthly
posts dealing with ethnicity and immigration, focusing as always on my subject
towns along Pennsylvania’s lower Schuylkill River.   I drew comparisons between attitudes toward
immigrants now—largely Hispanic—and sim...
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Maintaining A Sense of Community: A Very Big Job For This Very Small Town
Last month, I wrote about the very
small town (current population, some 1300 people) of West Conshohocken, Pa.,
which is literally besieged by vehicle traffic, due to hosting an intersection
of interstate highways within its already tiny boundaries.   The f...
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