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Oh hello, I forgot you were here. A week of Fringe craziness will do that to a person's mind.

Gmail preview pane is lovely. Go to "labs" in gmail options, and search for "preview pane".

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Public question: what's the worst name I could possibly pick for my (video game) company? Please re-share!

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You know what free game you should play? This one. This one right here. Because you've been just dying to play a chase the screen game where you're in a spaceship trying to not be burnt to a crisp in the sun, and now I have made it for you.

Okay Google, why can't I put circles as members of circles? Say I want a "games industry" circle that I want to break down in to departments.

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I just put a "developer's commentary" feature in to my next game. I should probably have written more of the actual game to commentate on first.

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Hooray, another social network for me to spam friends with work stuff on! (Does this thing have business pages yet?)
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