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Mark Stone
Open source guru, scrum master, author, gamer, runner, and general outdoor enthusiast.
Open source guru, scrum master, author, gamer, runner, and general outdoor enthusiast.

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Two views of Mount Rainier today. One about a mile from my house taken on my way home from work. The other taken later from our deck as the sun was setting. This is the kind of spring weather we wait all winter to get to. #pacificnorthwest
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New blog post is up. Some very nerdy reflections on running and heart rate training.

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Pretty sunrise from our back yard this morning.

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This looks worthwhile.
The Hex Kit desktop app Kickstarter is live! If you want a cool program to make pretty maps, for dirt cheap, then this one is for you!

Shares get smooches, just sayin.

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+George Ilie​ this sounds like good news. I hope a better future is now in sight.

Best RPG Digital Table Top?

Looking for some input. Right now I'm DM'ing for a once a month in person group, and my primary visual aids are a whiteboard compatible piece of square grid poster board, and some dry erase markers. I'm thinking of switching to digital, and using either an old flat screen monitor or a cheap HD projector. I'm also eventually interested in DM'ing for an online group.

So what's the best digital table top for a DM? Here are my requirements:
* Has to have some sort of grid (either square or hex), or else some easy way of measuring distance.
* Maps don't have to be pretty, but they have to be easy to generate; something I can do as easily as scribbling on a whiteboard.
* It should be possible to place digital minis or at least tokens, with some ready way of differentiating who is who.
* It should be free or a reasonable one time purchase cost; I am not paying a monthly subscription fee for anything.
Bonus features (nice to have, certainly not need to have):
* Digital dice roller.
* Easy highlighting of whose action it is currently.
* "Toolbox" of dungeon / terrain tiles.
* Nice looking digital minis covering a range of standard fantasy types.

What do folks suggest?

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Sunrise and Mount Rainier; as seen on my way to work this morning.

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OTA Antenna - So far so good

Four years ago when my family cut the cord I got an antenna for pulling in local stations Over the Air (OTA). It was a bit of a challenge, because the nearest broadcast tower is 50 miles away. We do live up on a hill, which helps. With a bit of fussing and careful aiming, I got the antenna to work well enough to pull in all the major local stations except one: we could have our choice of either CBS or ABC, but not both. Over time, the signal seemed to get worse. NBC started to cut our frequently as well, depending on the weather.

I finally decided enough is enough, and ordered a new omni-directional antenna. Just spent the afternoon getting it mounted on the rooftop, under the eaves of the second story of our house. So far it's been working great. Every channel comes in crystal clear.

So at this point for those looking for an OTA solution, I'd highly recommend the 1byone. Easy to install and mount, good signal, and good price.

Looks like I fried my chromebox. I was attempting to swap in a new SSD, and a dropped the tiny locking screw that holds the SSD in place onto the circuit board. There was a small spark, and now my chromebox won't power on.

Doubtless my fault for leaving it powered off but still plugged in while I was working on it. I should know better.
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