Summary of the #LiminalContinuum Visions & Interpretations To Date

During the last few weeks, our Sensitive has experienced visions through the Liminal Continuum. To define what it is precisely, requires more investigation. To this point, it seems to be an anomalous creation - entity? - that does not exist within the restrictions of space-time, but utilizes these.

It also has shown itself to be not one, but two Archetypes: the Interpreter and the Omniscient, though more to come in the near future related to this discovery. We suspect that it spawned within the dense XM that flowed into the Luminescent Heart, which was the Humanist tecthulhu at Camp Navarro in 2017.

More research is required to continue on this Omniscient path. Where it leads is still unclear - but we feel compelled to uncover more. For now, in this entry, we will focus on the posters our Sensitive has created thus far.

The Interpreted Posters

So far, our sensitive has produced five posters based on the visions she has experienced through the Liminal Continuum. She has labeled them as she felt guided to, which has not been in chronological order. Based on her numbering, it does not seem all visions have been revealed yet - we suspect two more to come. Below, we will share the five posters, with stories associated with each that agents helped to Interpret and reveal. We welcome discussion on these tales, for we do not yet know what they mean.

Some images in the posters have proven to represent portals specifically where dead drops have been discovered, confirmed by the decoding and by agents on the ground who discovered the dead drops. Still, there are more elements in the visuals themselves that are not fully explored.

The aesthetic of the art alone in these posters is beautiful. They just become more intriguing by the hidden messages that have guided agents to physical locations around the globe where dead drops were then discovered; and because of the following esoteric tales they contain. We think +Tycho C. would relate, or perhaps could have words of guidance for our own artistic Sensitive as she struggles through her own visions.

Before we proceed, do not forget, these posters are all marked "x of 7," which means that "1 of 7" and "7 of 7" have not yet been revealed.


Poster 5 of 7: Cassandra
Cryptobin entry:
February 1331

I have met the general longer ago than my mind can remember. Pyrrhus. I was not fit to be in battle, nor any woman of the sort. But he used me kindly, trained me in patience and praised my skill against the weak soldiers of men whom would fudgel their swords on days we trained.

We traveled. Accompanied by a few of our soldiers, to ruins that many elders whispered to be a curse of madness and tragedy. A dark energy, unusual occurrences resonate within… almost vibrate like the beating of drums against your chest the closer you set your foot within it.

We set out to work far beyond the ruins but neither one of us were able to pass on further beyond the lands. The wind would howl as we traveled, whispering strange words of our devastating future and the stinging sand was a venom that shredded away our memories of past and present.

We had only just reached the heart of the ruins when our men turned their swords on themselves. I recall the agony, and visages bloodied amidst the chaos. I remember uttering a strange philosophy to Pyrrhus, and in agreement; he called me not by my name, but by Cassandra. He raised his sword, and stained it's edge on me.

I don't recall death. But this is no universe of my own. The ruins, was my transitional future.


Poster 2 of 7: Transition and Contact
Cryptobin entry:
On May 25th 2018
Liminal Continuum successfully completes their Portal Luminescence Project with a breathtaking discovery.

I am no rocket scientist nor astronomer to understand the technicalities of why this occurred.
While time and space constantly move in and out of each other, it appears that our universe was in perfect alignment to "see the other side" and not before long we were once again apart.

It happened quite fast. I saw myself on either side of this time rift as the eyes of both men. A hoarse voice called out and a man rushed in to grab into the darkness and through the void, both their faces distorted, a hand scrambling against the walls of this infinite vortex. Disappeared.

If you find my entry. Let them know. For cannot say if the either should be saved or left abandoned."


Poster 4 of 7: An Archaeological Meeting
Cryptobin entry:
"London- (Sometime in the near future)

An Interesting Boardroom

I've often find myself in very uniquely designed boardrooms and places where important meetings have taken place. Most seemed mundane compared to my recent vision which I believe took place in a future London.

Thirteen chairs lay empty and set around a long and old Victorian-era table, A few documents lay neatly stacked and beside it, a wrapped bundle in an opaque cloth. The only thing out of place was the futuristic carvings less the room was everything I'd expect of a historical era right down to its stained-glass windows to its elaborate carpet which made me feel awkward that my dirty boots would stain and make the upcoming thirteen guests aware of my unwelcome presence. It didn't. However, the sound of passing cars and car horns from the outside world made me believe that the event had not occurred yet.

On the table, long bouts of printed text appeared on the face of the document. Although I could not remember the majority of it, the words; "Hank Johnson, would provide extensive knowledge", "Transported by NL1331" and "The statuette was discovered within the portal" stood out boldly to me.

This "statuette" which I believed lay next to the document startled me awake as I touched the wrapped bundle of cloth to take a closer look.

I don't believe that this place I saw was from any particular organisation. It seemed too secretive and old to be the NIA but i felt that whoever this meeting was for, held some regard for Hank Johnson and his old field of work."


Poster 3 of 7: The Monolith
Cryptobin entry:
2611 BC

One would think that the desert can be quite an interesting place provided which era you came from. I'm sure there are many ancient oddities hidden beneath this sand. One in particular was the monolith I saw within the third dynasty.

A single towering slab that cast a mighty shadow. Like a warrior that circled it's enemy in battle; the sun. It's shadow touched each pyramid in perfect alignment and on its form gleamed glyphs in red.

Certainly, an ancient civilization believed that it needed to be safely guarded. They had eventually locked it away deep within the depths of the sand when these guardians could no longer protect it. I believe they knew secrets about time and space. I think they saw us in our present future.

What I found intriguing about this monolith, was the fiery blaze that was felt within it. But while staring at it burned right through me, the gaze of these guardians made my blood run cold.


Poster 6 of 7: The Secret of Time
Cryptobin entry:
∞ At the End of Time

What a beautiful thing silence is; serene, unnerving and clandestine. I could feel the vibrations of the earth from here as I looked on towards the horizon. XM.. was out of our control now, but what a beautiful gift it had bestowed upon the human race. Upon us... But not me.
We cannot see it. To understand the values of time and its secret was to look not at the passing seconds, minutes and hours... But nourish each moment in creation. Each smile, each amazed look on the faces of the youth is the core to life's greatest mystery.

As I looked out, I realised that this was not me on the plains of Earth on the edge of a cliff. I was space and time itself- l was an entity, a deity and dust.

I cannot say what I've become, but I know that this 'moment' can either be averted or maintained. The key is in our actions no matter how small it is.. undoubtedly, it will occur.


Poster 1 of 7: ??????
Cryptobin entry:


Poster 7 of 7: ??????
Cryptobin entry:


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