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Liminal Continuum

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I’m drawn in...beckoned to come closer. There are clearly residual effects from prior portal luminescent projects that have manifested in this space. 

As I approach, I begin to feel a strong pull; space and time seem to be folding in around me. I no longer hesitate but take that step into the void.

Immediately my senses begin to blur. Somehow I see and hear agents in places I’ve never visited. Where are they? _When_ are they? And the portals—they are like nothing I’ve experienced before. Have they manifested into physical space?

I cannot help but to let my mind sink deeper into the images I’m receiving. I can feel that there’s more here that I need to decode and understand. As I lose myself in the visions I realize that my pulse has synchronized with the voices I’m hearing, even though I don’t always understand the words.

I struggle to pull myself back to the present...I’m convinced that this unification of agents has been directly driven by the portal luminescent projects.

What will you see when you look into the Liminal Continuum?

#liminalcontinuum #Navarro2018 #Ingress #13Magnus


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Look at these beautiful banners created in support of Liminal Continuum!

Don't suffer from FOMO because you didn't help create a banner in your town.

There are multiple options for missions; Singles, 6 mission banners and more! Visit our website and click "Remote Participation" to join us.

Thank you to Agent evoleno for her creativity in designing our banner template!

#liminalcontinuum #ingress #ingresslive #navarro2018 #missions4all #ingressmission #enlightened #resistence #xfaction #niantic #nianticlabs #fomo #joinus #teamworkmakesdreamwork #banners

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More and more Liminal Continuum missions are popping up all over the globe!

Do you want to help our team by participating remotely? Join in and submit a mission! Never submitted before? No problem, we have a vast number of agents ready to support you! Learn more about how to join us by visiting our website and clicking "Remote Participation!"

#liminalcontinuum #ingress #ingresslive #navarro2018 #missions4all #ingressmission #enlightened #resistence #xfaction #niantic #nianticlabs #teamworkmakesdreamwork

+Ingress +Andrew Krug
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It was all hands on deck this weekend as we began construction of our portal. Even our littlest team member was on hand to help (for his second year!)

Behold, here is your first glance of Liminal Continuum!

#liminalcontinuum #ingress #ingresslive #navarro2018 #burngress #niantic #nianticlabs #omniscient #interpreter #teamworkmakesdreamwork
+H. Richard Loeb +Andrew Krug +Hank Johnson +Ingress
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We want YOU on our team!
Team Liminal Continuum invites the WORLD to participate in the Camp Navarro 2018 Osiris Epiphany Night! How, you wonder? Missions & G+!

The Goal: Team Liminal Continuum wants to help as many interested agents as possible to participate in the Camp Navarro 2018 Osiris Epiphany Night, no matter how near or far to the Navarro campsite in CA they are, no matter the faction!

How can interested agents participate? One way we are pursuing this goal is by creating missions with “Magnus: Liminal Continuum” in their titles. Some of the missions will be in banner format, and some will be standalone (you will be able to identify the difference through the titles and descriptions).

Once agents have completed a banner or standalone (or both?!), how we really hope to connect agents across the world to our project is through the request that agents take screenshots of the completed missions, and post them on G+ with both of the following hashtags: #LiminalContinuum and #Navarro2018 (each mission contains this information).

You do not have to wait for the Osiris Epiphany Night weekend to submit your screenshots with the above hashtags, whenever you complete your missions and feel inclined, we’d love to see your fine work posted to G+!

Will you put Magnus: Liminal Continuum missions in my community? We’d love to see missions in your region! Sign up with our team (, and/or contact @Doomsidoodeedoo on Telegram to get set up so you can submit missions with us (we'd love to submit for you, but we only have so many missions slots to submit with)! We cannot guarantee mission approvals, as this is an unofficial form of participation in the overall event, but we have many helpful team members who will make it as easy as possible.

Haven’t submitted missions or banners before? Not a problem, we are excited to help you learn!

How to have more fun locally with our Osiris Epiphany Night missions: On the weekend of Osiris Epiphany Night (May 25-27), host mission events to complete our missions in teams! Take pictures of your group exploring and of course everyone submit screenshots with the above hashtags once missions have been completed!

We also encourage you to do something good for your community during these events: Have a food drive, donate clothes or school supplies, pick up litter - whatever you can imagine that will add goodwill to our world. Imagine the impact if teams around the world do this?

We will display your images on site at Camp Navarro - you'll be with us under the redwoods!

My community didn’t receive Liminal Continuum missions, how can I still participate? Our team is all about connecting to the living, breathing agent behind every scanner. Go out and explore, take pictures of your journey, share stories, and post it all to G+ with the same hashtags above (#LiminalContinuum #Navarro2018), because we’d love to have you all connected to our project! So even if missions were not submitted or approved in your area, your contributions will still be linked to other agents around the world, and displayed at our campsite.

Additionally, there are MANY ways to participate with our team this year, please visit our Remote Participation page here for more options:

Below are places we have already submitted missions for *#LiminalContinuum** **#Navarro2018** , with MANY more to come. Ask in these communities if there are events available to participate in around the banners and join in! No event? Start one!*


Santa Cruz, SCZ

Burnaby, BC
Fort St. John BC


Mexico City

Pasig, Metro Manila


South Africa:


Houston, TX
Austin, TX
Savannah, GA

MAP to Liminal Continuum Missions (frequently updated):

Attached are some of the mission banners you could place in your community, or hunt down around the globe!

It's time to move, friends!

Instagram: @LiminalContinuum

#Navarro2018 #CampNavarro #CampNavarro2018 #OsirisEpiphanyNight #EpiphanyNight #LiminalContinuum #Omniscient #Interpreter #LuminescentHeart #Ingress +Liminal Continuum+Ingress+H. Richard Loeb+Hank Johnson+flint dille+John Hanke
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Registration is open!
Agents, registration is now open for the Magnus events of:

Camp Navarro, CA -

Schloss Kaltenberg, Germany -

Moreover, we have also uncovered the purpose of these gatherings. Hank Johnson has discovered that through the creation of these Magnuses, we will be looking into another universe: Osiris. A universe very much like our own, but one which is just beginning its discovery of XM. Together, we will create a new Epiphany Night.
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Be represented at Navarro 2018 by helping our team make origami hearts!

Much of our project represents folded space/time, so in a nod to both that and last year's project, Luminescent Heart, we would love for you to create an origami heart that we can place in our portal onsite at Navarro.

We will put LED lights inside the hearts to represent places on the globe where the hearts came from, using other lighting/elements to make fields and links around the globe (visually like the startup globe inside the tesseract).

Choose any material you would like: local newspaper, stationary, magazine, cloth, etc...anything that represents where you are from. To get signed up and obtain mailing address, contact @boogerlite on Telegram.

This is a x-faction effort and we encourage all agents to participate! Crafts with friends are more fun anyways, right?

Thank you to Agent desiredchaos for this great photo of a recent heart making party! Post pics of your heart making adventures on G+ with the hashtags: #liminalcontinuum #Navarro2018 #HeartsofIngress.

Heart making instructions here:

+Ingress +Andrew Krug
#ingress #xfaction #enlightened #resistance #teamworkmakesdreamwork #omniscient #interpreter
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Messages from the past?
Thank you +Neil Hollis for investigating and interpreting our Sensative's visions.
Found an ingress dead drop at Cardiff museum of Wales
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Agents, Thank you for your dilligence in helping us interpret and investigate these messages our Sensitive has become attuned to. Our team will look further into this and report our findings. But questions remain: Why these portals? Why now? We hope to learn more in the coming weeks.

#LiminalContinuum #Niantic #CampNavarro #ingress #xm #teamworkmakesdreamwork #Magnus2018 #Navarro2018 #Omniscient #Interpreter
When two more artworks from +Liminal Continuum's Sensitives were posted, we quickly began decoding them in +Operation Essex and with help from +Metamorphis and +Gerald Wolf we identified the portal Statue von Friedrich Schiller (,11.573206&z=17&pll=48.14258,11.573206) in München so I contacted +Maximilian Höing and +Phil S. to find an agent on the ground who would be willing to look for any clues or dead-drops in the vicinity. 🕵

A QR code led our intrepid on-site agent +Chris Harris further to Bayerische Staatsoper (,11.578686&z=17&pll=48.139725,11.578686) but...that is where the trail ends; at the historic Nationaltheater 򪪪

#LiminalContinuum 🌔 #TheMonolith 🎴 #Magnus2018

Thanks to everyone involved in generating this challenge which takes us back to the deepest dives and creativity of the Investigation, when the +Niantic Project was +H. Richard Loeb's prime pursuit. +Ingress +Andrew Krug

Working Document:
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Hello Agents.

Two more pieces of our Sensitive's artwork have been sent to us to be interpreted. Please assist us in discovering the intel to help us continue with our research. We also request that you investigate any portals you may discover within the encrypted data. Post your findings here on G+ using the hashtag #LiminalContinuum

#Niantic #CampNavarro #teamworkmakesdreamwork #Magnus2018 #Navarro2018 #Omniscient #Interpreter

+H. Richard Loeb +Hank Johnson +Andrew Krug +Operation Essex
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