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Tiffany Wong

oh and by the way, emily prentiss is gay. jemily is real. 

why do people still think it's okay to view women as the chores and cleaning and cooking person of the marriage/relationship? I mean it's not just men who think this. It is WOMEN. They ask me what are you going to do when your husband wants to eat and you've had a bad day? you still have to cook for him? 

what really annoys me is the lack of lgbtq+ representation in child shows 
also people who claim to accept lgbtq+ individuals but are actually down hard homophobic when they see same sex affection, and/or lifestyles. LITERALLY you just said you do not care if people are gay or not but you just saw that lesbian couple kiss and hold hands and YOU'RE GROSSED OUT??? so heterosexual couples can show public displays of affection but same sex couples can't?? where's the logic???

when people say omg i hate my face or ignore my face in selfies.. YET you post 20 selfies a day smh 

ur ugli 
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