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Well said, Lynne! Woo hoo!

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, have given $2.5 million to fund efforts in the state of Washington to legalize same-sex marriage, effectively doubling the current electoral war ches...

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Absolutely FAB!
And from my ten-yr-old son: that was cool! right?!

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Looks good. Sure wish that we could have some fabulous women superheroes who didn't have to be all sexed up, though. Sigh.

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STAY AWAY! Shady - shady - shady!
Alaska USA Federal Credit Union
4000 Credit Union Drive #100, Anchorage, AK 99503
Shady - shady - shady. I've been banking with various institutions for 25 years, and I have never had reason to utterly detest a business until now. These folks will take your money, sure, but if they make mistakes with it, you pay the fees. And God forbid if you make a mistake on an account number and a payment is misdeposited into another of your loan accounts, they don't call or write to ask what's going on, or notify you (like every other institution does!), but instead report your "failure to pay" to the credit agencies and even sell your "debt" to bill collectors! (That's how you discover problems!!) Even when they have had the money you supposedly owe them all along! It's worse than appalling!! They won't work with you, they won't fix anything, and they couldn't care less about you or the impact their callousness and lack of customer service has on your life. They are shady, shady, shady.
In sum: STAY AWAY! Go anywhere else!
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So I found a wonderful car, and a wonderful deal, and then I made a firm commitment the to buy it to the sales rep, told him I'd found the car online and already had financing, and was on my way, 3.5hours away. It was 3pm Saturday (yesterday) and Dan, the Internet guy, said to come in tomorrow instead because they close at 5. I made an appointment time for Sunday and drove up and guess what?! Dan wasn't there ( which should have clued me in ). They said they sold the car "last night" then tried to sell me far lower-quality cars for more money, making up BS excuses for the much higher prices . I am disgusted and furious. If the car wasn't a bait and switch lure, they should have called and told me it sold . What a massively unprofessional business , start to finish. And I plan to tell everyone I know and post this everywhere . Stay away!
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*** STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! *** *** STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! *** EDITED/ADDED: The owner has lied over and over and over, including in her response to my review, which is utterly truthful. NOTHING SHE SAYS EVEN MAKES SENSE. She retaliated against me for being truthful, and then *I* asked Animal Control to come in and look at my house after they made a FALSE complaint to the police. HERE IS THE TRUTH: These people didn't clean the wet food of my 20-yr-old, hospice kitty, and when she got sick, they LEFT HER IN HER OWN FECES and in BUGS to suffer (and they didnt feed or water my other kitties either -- I have cameras!). I have filed complaints with the AG, the BB, and the Sheriff's Office. Next stop is the City. I will not stop until these underhanded LIARS are disciplined for their LIES and their inhumane treatment AND THEIR CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, which I hope will result in severe discipline against the persons involved. ----OLD REVIEW BELOW---- I posted a bad review of the TERRIBLE SERVICE they provided, and they called the police and made a FALSE REPORT, then tried to lie about it. BOTTOM LINE: The failed to provide food and water to my cats in the bedroom, and no one messaged me to tell me that my very old kitty I had put into the hall bathroom (so no one would eat her canned food) was having some digestive issues, and was sick, and had pooped all over the blanket and the floor. THEY LEFT HER LYING IN HER FECES FOR FOUR DAYS AND DIDN'T CALL ME OR A VET. And it gets worse. I posted a review on Yelp, and not only did the business owner lie repeatedly in her response to my honest review (and one where I didn't even mention all of the bad things they did as I was trying to avoid hurting their feelings), she texted me repeatedly and lied and lied and lied about what happened (I have cameras!), then when I refused to take down the review, she called the police and made a false police report (the POLICE told me who made the report, and what was said, and that the reporter said who told her to say what). I called to confront the owner about it and she lied repeatedly about doing it, and directing it, until I confronted her with the evidence. She then tried to make up more lies about what motivated her to make a false report. Despite what she tried to say in her response: The person who came out filled the water and food bowl in the kitchen, but ignored the ones in the bedroom, and they were empty by Sunday, and so my cats went without food and water for over a day. My old cat, who I had locked in a bathroom with dishes of canned catfood because she can't eat hard food anymore, got sick and had diarrhea all over the floor, and they didn't clean any of it BUT INSTEAD LEFT HER TO LIE IN HER MESS, AND DIDN'T EVEN CALL AND TELL ME SHE WAS SICK. She could have DIED, and they left her to do so. I am FURIOUS! AND I am DISGUSTED with the criminally negligent work, the trailer trash behavior, and the needless drama they created. I will pursue this matter both civilly and via the overseeing state agencies. I have cameras that show where they went and when. BOTTOM LINE: STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! You would have better luck from a toddler and more honesty from a criminal. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!
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We stayed here on the way back south from the Grand Canyon a week or so ago. Great hotel, in short. It was pretty, clean as a whistle, offered complimentary water, inexpensive, and the bed was comfy. I'd stay again in a heartbeat.
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AVOID AT ALL COSTS. My BF, overseas, bought flowers from their web site and requested a specific delivery day. Not only wasn't it done, they never delivered at all, nor contacted him back to tell him. He emailed several times, and got no response. He finally had to tell me about it, and after arguing with them, I had to go in person to pick up my very own, very low-quality bouquet. Worst of all, the woman acted like it was our fault, and wasn't going to refund the delivery fee even tho I had to pick the flowers up!
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Love this salon best. They do a great job, are the friendliest people around, and the salon itself is super clean.
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A storm in Phoenix cut power across half the city, and after I finally picked up my fiancé, whose plane had been delayed due to the same storm, I was forced to find alternate accommodations. Using my phone, I searched the net and found this hotel, then drove there. So why one star? (1) The shower didn't work in the room, which I didn't discover until the next morning, when it was far too late to change rooms as I had to leave by 6am to make it back south across the state to work, three hours away. When I told him at a hurried and harried check out, the desk clerk clearly didn't care about my "problem," charged me full price without meeting my eyes, and offered me a big nothing in return for my trouble. On the way to work, I called the corporate office, and they assured me that someone would get back to me within three days. Know what? No one did. (2) During breakfast the next morning, I watched, aghast, as a hotel staff employee used her hand to stop a customer who was leaving the dining room holding a cup of coffee. The employee told off the customer, and exclaimed that “no one is allowed to leave the dining room with food.” The customer pointed out that coffee isn't food, but the employee insisted that this customer had broken the rules, and must turn around right now and leave her cup inside the barrier. This little theater was done in front of the other hotel customers, and was like watching a schoolchild being chastised. Ugh! Booo! (3) The room's air conditioner was the absolute bottom-of-the-line model, and did not keep the room -- in PHOENIX -- cool enough. I could barely sleep, and nodded in and out, and awoke feeling queasy and sweat-soaked. And THEN the shower didn't work! Hey, Comfort Inn: I travel quite a bit, both domestically and internationally. I stay at a lot of hotels, from cheap to expensive. Guess what? You've lost my business, and I hope everyone else's who reads this. You need to remember who pays the bills, and treat them kindly. I didn't freak out, or ask for a million dollars, but I sure should have been apologized to, and offered, at minimum, a free room at a later date, or half off this stay. No shower is a very big issue to a customer, and your failure to give a care lost you far more than that half off you should have provided.
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This is the rudest, most unprofessional office I've ever been to. They treat customers like they should be honored that the staff permits them to go there. Maybe I'm spoiled from living in bigger cities, but it's far too common in the Sierra Vista area to encounter downright rude, less intelligent, and utterly unprofessional staff and even the professionals, and this one is a prime example of that phenomenon. "Yuck" is my one-word summation of this office, and "stay away" is my advice.
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