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Helen White
Single 49, Published Author " The Crowds"
Single 49, Published Author " The Crowds"

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Tyler Perry has tampered with my email account. I cant send mail from my yahoo are change pages from my yahoo are my gmail.

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If you dont know you will Sweetie and I did'nt hook up : ( He's too busy helping Kim Fileds hide my money, Imagine That. So now I have to hire a lawyer and take both of there bank accounts, now that's ashame : (

Tyler Perry and Kim fields continue to use some type of heating device on my book, which causes me alot discomfort and has begun to mess with my health. Kim has taken money from the sales of my book with Tyler Perrys approval and stashed the money in a seperate account of which I have no access, while I cant even afford to by myself a pair od underwear.
This man shows me no respect,  I see no other option but to ask him for a divorce, he never really wanted me in the first place, it was all a set up to gain control of my movie right's.

Starting to cool down outside and it's a good thing too especialiy after last night. Let me tell you it was very hot were I was sleeping, where you ask? on my sisters floor in a small 1 bedroom apt. And let me tell you it stayed hot no matter were I turned, how I tried to escape it, it followed me and it's still with me even now as I lay on the floor in the living room attempting to get alittle sleep, only to fail once more, while waiting for this knock on the door, I continue to sweat, tossing and turning, restless and tired from the battle I get up to go online so that people would know that I'm ok, somewhat weak, but I'm ok. Later.

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Tyler See you soon, your loving wife. Jasmine Inkwell/ Helen White. Still waiting for my money for my book " The Crowds"

Meeting my husband for the first time on FRIDAY. Tyler Perry and I were married a year ago, Now we can finally meet.
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