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Middle-aged nerd writes about stuff.
Middle-aged nerd writes about stuff.
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I Love Anime: Chobits
I caught the first three episodes of Chobits at last year’s Anime Expo and thought, “Cool! It’s like Maison Ikkoku with a robot!” As in Maison Ikkoku , the main character,
Hideki, is a naïve young underachiever who moves into a boarding house in the
city to...

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But Enough About Me: Riverside Wildlife
The place I work in Riverside, California is a business
park/light industrial area that’s only a couple of blocks from some hills and
some undeveloped land. I like to walk along the dirt utility roads there on my
lunch breaks. I take my MP3 player and liste...

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I was a Teenaged Marvel Zombie: No Bad Villains
Last month, I got my hands on the first two graphic novels
of Ms. Marvel, incorporating issues 1 through 11 of the new series. The main
character is Kamala Khan, a 16-year-old Muslim Pakistani-American girl who
likes writing Avengers fanfic. She’s strugglin...

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And Now for Something Completely Short: An Exciting if Slightly Snarky Tale of Grammar and Combustion in Exactly 100 Characters
I know the definition of “literally.” How about
making yourself useful for a change and pass me that fire extinguisher?   The End. What? I wrote something this month. It totally counts!

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But Enough About Me: So It Turns Out I went to High School with this One Guy Who’s Famous
I was reading one of my nerd blogs a couple weeks ago and I
stumbled across a name I recognized. A kid I knew in high school. Turns out
he’s famous and stuff. Described as the greatest lyricist of his generation. Meaning my generation, I guess. Who knew? I ...

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I was a Teenaged Marvel Zombie: The Problem with Spider-Man
So big in nerd news earlier this month, Sony Pictures and
Marvel Studios worked out an agreement to more or less share Spider-Man. The
short version is Spider-Man gets to appear in Marvel Studios movies (most
likely starting with Captain America:
Civil War ...

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A Song in My Heart (It Should’ve Stayed There): A Little Traveling Music
Now that my daughter is attending UC Santa Cruz, I have decided that my trips up there are going to be my excuse to visit the great old book and record stores they have up there. Actually, do they even call them record stores anymore? Even CDs are passé the...

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There Ain’t No Money in Fanfic: Post-Legend of Korra Avatar Pitch
that’s a wrap. Korrasami is canon. Totally called that (along with about forty
bajillion other people) and creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan
Konietzko (Bryke to their fans) have indicated that they’re ready to move on to projects not related

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But Enough About Me: State of the Blog
So, this is the first anniversary of Tales of the Boojum:
The Blog, give or take a day. Overall, I’ve kept to my theme of “middle-aged
nerd writes about stuff,” though that was a pretty low bar. Posting a couple
times a month turned out to be more than I wa...

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There Ain’t No Money in Fanfic: Dumptruk’s Sweet Sixteen
I found
myself skimming through Google Groups the other day and discovered that last
month marked an anniversary. A couple anniversaries, actually, as the month of
September 1998 is when I posted my first two fanfics to the
Usenet newsgroup...
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