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Jet Lag
Todd put his hand on Amanda's shoulder, "We're here." Amanda was startled
awake. It was a long flight. They had to stop halfway to refuel and there was a
problem at that particular airport that grounded them for a few hours. Exhausted, Amanda

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Todd opened the
trunk of the Uber car to take out the luggage. A man, roughly the same size as
Todd seemed to appear out of nowhere. "Oh," Todd
said a little surprised, "Hi there!" "Sorry, I
didn't realize I was sneaking up on you." The man said. They both ...

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Angry Blog Rant
2015/05/03 9:30 pm I got a link to an
onion site, but I was only able to see it once. Angry does not begin to
describe how I feel right now. I work hard on something I believe in. I use my
own imagination and dreams to make something work, only to find some...

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Staying Behind
Amanda and Trisha
were at the coffee shop talking excitedly about their upcoming events. Trisha
talked about her booth at the Strawberry festival. "This is the
last one," Trisha sighed, "I'll probably stick to prints and swag
with what I have, then if I tra...

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After Todd left and
she got over the shock of Todd kissing her on the cheek, she decided to go and
get her mail. All the way down to
the mail boxes, she thought of what just happened. Was Todd finally over the
issues he had to work out? Was she over her iss...

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Good News, Finally
Amanda was still
looking at Todd. Finally, he turned towards Amanda. "It's the second time
I told them to wait." He sighed "It's like they don't speak English
or something." Amanda chuckled.
"I've heard rumors on how government agents can be persistent." "A...

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Men in Black Suits
Amanda was using her
laptop to try to see if the conspiracy site to load. She would watch a few
YouTube videos and then switch back to the website and reload it. No such luck. Then there was a
knock on her door. Amanda thought about not answering it and foc...

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Disappearing Act
"I can't
believe someone would do this!" Amanda was angry. Todd was there, quietly
listening to her ranting. "I worked hard putting that book together and
for what? For someone to live out their sick fantasy that they supposedly know
something? To lay claim...

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Amanda rarely used
Tor. It wasn't that she didn't like it, she just didn't see a use for it. Tor
is a browser that allows people to browse anonymously. Very few people use Tor
for the sake of just being anonymous, unless they believe that they have a reason...

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Allium Cepa
Amanda stayed in her
apartment all day. She didn't feel like going out, even after she had stayed
inside all day sorting her notes. Todd replaced her
door with an old one that was in the basement until he could order some more
for the whole apartment. Trish...
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