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Wazee Ahmed
I am started with w and end with e and my life is a combination of 5 alphabets
I am started with w and end with e and my life is a combination of 5 alphabets
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I like unicorn because they're dirty . Not to mention had a wonderful year . Though got accused for complaining so much in du community . But it was a silly mistake of me . But we can't say that du didn't give us much . It gave us a lot more than "just much" . +Alex Cruz Thanks man ; You gave us new ways to reshape our creativities and expand it to another big levels . Without you ; all this way would've been "an impossibility" . You really are a genius with creativity . Thanks ya’ll ! Had a great year with du10 and hoping to be back in it's shadow with android n with a whole new dimentions of creativity . #Stay_Dirty #All_Hail_DU

wahhh!!!wahhh!!!! why anyone doesn't build du for my device ?????? I wanna use it too so much . 😫😫😫😫

P.S : Just kidding . A lot of real cry babies out there who sees du on our phone and goes to mommy and becomes a crybaby 😂😂😂 😜😜

Any news on delta's ? Can't get new patches and fixes .

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Clean and clear speculations . Just wait and watch . We'll receive updates .

Hey guys any news on android n for 1st generation ?

Guys just wanna let ya'll know that ever since I got into rr ; I have become addicted on my phone much more than before . It's just that ever since I think of flashing another rom I simply couldn't flash . Because rr beat everyone out there . #RR_FOR_LIFE

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#Got resurrected
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How to set custom controls in kernel adiutor ? please some pointers would be appreciated .

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Brothers , I am in love with RR . But this is the one ridiculous bug who's clouding my mind with negativity about rr . Please take a look and tell me if it's my fault or it's actually a bug . Or setting selinux to permissive caused this ? Because I seen in changelog that something like this was written . So please tell me . It has passed all of my test . Just this one struck me .
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Dev any tutorials for new comers would be great . And some example sample in the app so that whatever i select during making of a theme would make sense to me . And please give a tutorial ( at least basic one's ) . Thank you
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