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Delta Strike is extremely proud to announce that our laser tag equipment is now award-winning hardware!
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This report has been created for both existing Laser Tag operators as well as those looking at setting up a new centre. We have detailed the topics we feel will have the largest influence on laser tag businesses and have provided many suggestions to maximize future success
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Delta Strike's policy for producing the most durable laser tag equipment

Laser tag games are highly immersive; they completely engage players in a 

realistic battle field simulation. Whether players are children or adults, they 

instantly become part of the conflict, within seconds of the game beginning. As 

with many shooting games, laser tag involves a great amount of physical action; 

players are constantly moving; chasing and shooting enemy players, taking 

shelter or avoiding barrages of fire.

This constant physical use makes laser tag arena equipment susceptible to large 

amounts of wear and tear. The design of equipment needs to be exceptionally 

durable, to minimise the chance of hardware damage. Most laser tag suppliers 

hardly consider this factor when commissioning their laser gadgets, so the 

ultimate burden of ongoing repairing and replacement of systems goes to the 

laser tag owners. Delta Strike is unlike other companies who produce laser 

tag equipment. Our research and development team strongly focuses on the 

durability of all our laser tag systems, and remain committed to delivering the 

best, not only in terms of an exceptional product, but hardware reliability. 

To ensure the longest life serviceability of equipment, Delta Strike employs 

a two pronged protection policy. The first aspect of the policy is called 

damage detection, which is implemented by making all equipment intelligent 

enough to differentiate between normal use and abnormal or misuse. In simple 

terms, Delta Strike's equipment knows when it’s being badly treated and is 

programmed to exhibit specific behaviours, to avoid any further damage. 

For example, if a player drops a gun or hits it against a wall, it measures 

the amount of shock/damage and becomes DISABLED. Damage detection 

measures are adapted to avoid any further damage to the hardware. Whilst being 

intelligent, a laser tag gun should be STRONG enough to withstand rugged use. 

Unfortunately, most intelligent equipment is designed to only minimise damage 

escalation while players are in action. This is not the case with Delta Strike’s 

equipment. The second aspect of Delta Strike’s two-pronged projection policy 

is the commitment to using only the most durable material, ensuring every 

component of equipment is strong and robust. Delta Strike provides further 

reassurance by way of a 2 year warranty on all equipment. 

Delta Strike’s policy for producing the most hard-wearing, reliable equipment 

is one of the many reasons why Delta Strike is the world's fastest growing laser 

tag supplier.
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Delta Strike is committed to provide state of the art laser tag equipment to add more excitement in the game. Our laser tag guns and vest are designed to withstand any kind of playing conditions and also covered by a 2 year warranty. 
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