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Gran Armada Invencible, la Empresa de Corea del Norte
Great Invincible Armada, the Enterprise of North Korea
Duración del video: 1-1/2 minutos.
Video duration: 1-1/2 minutes. English translation below.

Esta aventura que se desarrolla ahora en el Gran Pacífico tiene un paralelo extraordinario en algo que ocurrió hace 430 años en el otro lado del mundo. El Donald Trump de aquella epoca distante (Filipo II) estaba un hegemón mundial que se había asignado a sí mismo, actuando como virrey de Dios en la Tierra, la tarea de erradicar todos los vestigios de una revolución que había sido traicionado en Europa Central un siglo antes y había sido derrotado temporalmente por la traición a los manos de un misleader que pareciera en todos particulares no estar más que un "fascista rojo" (Martin Luther), aunque la gran revolución había sido victorioso contra un gran centro del imperio (Rome). Ahora bien, no obstante que el presente objeto de la ira del imperio nunca había sido realmente parte de la revolución, sino que de hecho la había traicionado, su régimen estaba manifestando demasiada apariencia de haber de los diseños revolucionarios, por lo que debía ser cambiado por la fuerza o su sujetos impudente ponido a l'espada. Los Estados Unidos de aquella epoca distante le había llamado la gran flota con la que iba a realizar esto "La Armada Invencible" y su operación militar "La Empresa de Inglaterra".

This adventure that unfolds now in the Great Pacific has an extraordinary parallel in something that happened 430 years ago on the other side of the world. The Donald Trump of that distant era (Philip II) was a world hegemon who had assigned himself, acting as viceroy of God on Earth, the task of eradicating all vestiges of a revolution that had been betrayed in Central Europe a century earlier and had been temporarily defeated by the treason at the hands of a misleader who seemed for all the world to be nothing more than a "red fascist" (Martin Luther), although the great revolution had been victorious against a great center of the empire (Rome). However, although the present object of the empire's wrath had never really been part of the revolution, but had in fact betrayed it, his regime was manifesting too much of the appearance of revolutionary designs, so it had to be changed by force or his impudent subjects put to the sword. The United States of that distant time had called the great fleet with which it was going to realize this "The Invincible Armada" and its military operation "The Enterprise of England".

Gracias al propietario de canal de YouTube chilecultura.
Thanks to YouTube channel-owner chilecultura.

#Armada Invencible #Empresa de Corea del Norte 

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New project will rescue and publish censored books that ...
Document Nazification of U.S. military and security state
A 2014 interview of Mark Crispin Miller by Abby Martin.
Duration: 12-1/2 minutes.

Posted by Martin's RT program at breakingtheset.

#Nazism_in_the_US #banned_books

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Who knows? Perhaps there are one or two in the Congress who aren't psychopaths and still have a vague recollection of the difference between right and wrong. The use of U.S. weapons for genocide is not only a violation of international law, but a violation of U.S. law, as well. 

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Ex-Congressman Dennis Kucinich:
President Trump is under attack by the Deep State!
4-minute clip. Fox News interview. May 17th.

Posted by YouTube channel-owner

#Donald_Trump #Deep_State #National_Security_State

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Warning: This is an MSM report. Be sure to read the comment.
One more Trump lie exposed: Trump cements ties with Wahhabis
Duration: 12 minutes. Date: May 19, 2017.

Gangster clown Donald Trump attracted propaganda cover in the 2016 Presidential Election (it wasn't popularity as we've been told) by appealing to the Islamophobia that's central to the corporate-news meme matrix and their cover-up of the rigged 2016 Presidential Selection. Many in the U.S. were, nevertheless, hoping that Trump would put the U.S. on guard against dangerous (pseudo-)Islamic clerical fascism. The joke is on the U.S. public. Trump now shows what kind of "Muslim" he favors to immigrate to the U.S., and they aren't peaceful Shi'a or Sunnis. What kind of agreements will Trump reach with the head Wahhabi of the Saudi Royal Family? Will he help the Saudis penetrate U.S. society with their fascist brand of pseudo-Islam? Will Trump be a facilitator in turning over Muslim social influence in the U.S. to his Wahhabi clerical-fascist allies, as Nazi war criminal Otto von Bolschwing's protégé Richard Nixon did for Hungarian Nazi Laszlo Pasztor in the 1970s when he, as Chairman of the Republican Party, presided over the creation of their "Free Congress Foundation" in a joint venture with the Nazi war criminal-infested World Anti-Communist League (WACL). How dense and willfully ignorant does the U.S. public have to be not to know by now that Washington is the heir to Adolf Hitler's Berlin?

Listen to Dave Emory's 2004 radio broadcast (links to the audio archive) about the machinations of Nazi war criminal Laszlo Pasztor and Richard Nixon, and read the broadcast synopsis here (excerpt below):

Excerpt from the broadcast synopsis:
One of the most important of the fascists brought into the country and incorporated into the GOP was Laszlo Pasztor. Later in the discussion, we will see Pasztor in his role as “liberation director” of the Free Congress Foundation—the primary element realizing Reagan/Bush administration policy in the former USSR and Eastern Europe. “Twenty years after the birth of Israel, the Nazis were coming out of the closet in the United States. One of the most prominent Eastern European Fascists was Laszlo Pasztor, the founding chair of Nixon’s Republican heritage groups council. During World War II, Pasztor was a diplomat in Berlin representing the Arrow Cross government of Nazi Hungary, which supervised the extermination of the Jewish population.”
The Secret War Against the Jews, by John Loftis and Mark Aarons, p. 297, quoted by Dave Emory in the broadcast synopsis.

Video posted by YouTube channel-owner GONEWS.

#Donald_Trump #Wahhabism

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Schematic chart of the prepositions and adverbs used in Phrasal Verbs.
Actually, I have one for the Slavic languages also (sort of General Slavic).

I think I should add the adverb 'forth' which is not used very much but is useful in understanding how we can translate some Germanic and Slavic verbs to Enlish verbs. 'Forth' is basically the same as 'farther', but 'farther' means "more far" than something that is far, and 'forth' just means to go in the direction of "far". German 'hin' and it's opposite is 'hither' (now 'here'), which can be translated with German 'her'. Herkommen English "to come here/hither' and hingehen English "to go forth". Russian выходить English "to go forth" Croatian 'doći" приходить "to come here/hither" Croatian 'izaći'. We do something unique in English, if you'll notice, in that we change the verb root from 'go' to 'come', so we already say "forth" and "hither" with the verb root. (corrections requested)
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