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Chris Ronsicki
Gamer (Computer & Tabletop), Writer, Game Designer, and Technology Consultant
Gamer (Computer & Tabletop), Writer, Game Designer, and Technology Consultant

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Help out a local Brick and Mortar and support your Friendly Local Games Store!

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What is this place?
Welcome to Adeptus Draconis, a new blog dedicated to all forms of tabletop gaming, from board games to war-games. I'll be posting about up and coming expansions to great existing games, and doing my best to get information on the newest games hitting the ma...

Not one of mine, but one that I have heard so many times from my father's D&D group (with whom I played my first real D&D for 7 years), I remember the moment fondly almost as if it were. 

2nd Edition AD&D: The group is rushing a mage tower, and ascending the stairs when suddenly one of the classic monsters of TPKs floats into view. At the top of the stairs, just hovering over the first few steps before the landing above, with all it's eye-stalk goodness, a beholder appears, maw dripping with vile slime of saliva at hearing it's approaching prey. Initiative dice hit the table, the beholder is sluggish, lucky for the group? So is their own wizard, far back preparing his spells. The rest of the group begins the journey to close the gap on the beast and strike. The rogue takes a position and fires a dagger towards the creature, hitting the core eye, and forcing down the anti-magic of it briefly. An opening that the wizard suddenly delights in and adjusts spells to take advantage of...beating past the spell resistance, the DM rolls and fails to save. The group looks at the wizard. "What have you done?" "What do you mean?" he replies, looking baffled, he'd just turned the creature to stone, the 5' diameter floating irregular sphere at the top of the stairs, to stone.

Math entered the game, as they realized they had a several ton boulder now bouncing down the stairs, one by one crushing the party to death. The only player to survive? The necromancer at the back of the group, still not yet on the stairs, who just cackles.

Hi everyone, I've been a player of tabletop RPGs for two decades of my not yet three decades long life and have been DMing AD&D (2nd to current) for about half as long. I love trying out new styles of play andam currently on a hiatus for DMing and letting some others write the world while I get a chance to live the story.

I've played a bit of everything, from Toon, to Fudge Fantasy, Paranoia, WoD (V:tM mostly), SW:d20, BESM (tri-stat and d20), GURPS, and of course D&D

I got invited to join by way of +George Charles and have taken a look through everything here and definitely think this is a good community for me. Hope to have many a good discussion here.

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Y'know, I gotta admit that this is impressive to play dubstep on a piano, well, and by ear. Nicely done.

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Hey everyone, check this out and if you can spare a little help some great people putting on a great show all going to a great cause!

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Absolutely shameless plug for one of my favorite bands - Keep rocking

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If you haven't heard them, hear them now. Awesome metal band (with lots of geek references!)

By Special Request – They’re back! So my fellow gamers, I know it’s been awhile but its 2012, it’s the new year, it’s shiny, and it bring with it more gaming world news than you can shake a stick at! If only because a stick is a1d3 damage at best, and you’re better off with a nice steak knife (1d4!)

So I’m sure it’s on the mind of many, the new version of your game is coming, be it 6th Edition for Warhammer 40k, or 5th Edition D&D, or whatever system you enjoy most, it seems that 2012 is the year of the new editions!

~You always look so good, you make me forget my thoughts~

So which Edition are you gearing up to test? To shun?
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