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Helyon Second Peer Review and Rebuttals

Issue: The gravitational constant changing dramatically throughout the history of the universe is disfavored by growth-of-structure constraints, pulsar-timing experiments:

The reviewer paid little attention to the many other aspects of the theory that would influence growth-of-structure constraints - like the symmetry of mass distribution (the proposed Universe is hyperspherical), the fact that the proposed Universe is 4D as opposed to 3D..and expanding at the speed of light... etc. It is not appropriate to derive conclusions on current expectations without adjusting them to the proposed model.

I had this answer to the effect of a varying G on distinct pulsars: Pulsar timing experiments might not be sensitive if the average pulsar mass also changed with epoch as one would expect of stars in general.

If the "experiment" has to do with measuring the G-dependence of a single pulsar timing (seeking a drift), then the sensitivity of the current experiment is not good enough. In 13.58/2 billion years, G doubled. So, let's consider the change in G for a pulsar 6.79 bly away. In a year that change would be : 100%/6.79BillionYears=1.47E-8%

Using Gravitational Time Dilation formula from:

Using R=1000 meters pulsar, c=3E8m/s, the DeltaT associated with the changing G during the period of an year= 1.47E-8%*1.11E-13=1.63E-21% .

Since the pulsar period is of the order of a millisecond, then the drift due to G is given by:

1.62E-24 seconds, thus undetectable by Pulsar Timing Experiments of any sort!!!!

The others objections were as easily rebutted in the following links:

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Broken Link to Main Paper
Broken Link to Main Paper Restored I noticed that the main paper was missing in action.  I restored its link in the side panel. You can find it here also.  There is a caveat. Since I wrote this version I realized that the Pioneer Anomaly deceleration is twi...
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