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Larry Cart
Nutrition Testing, Non-force Chiropractor, Energetic Healer
Nutrition Testing, Non-force Chiropractor, Energetic Healer

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High Stress Foods To Avoid
People ask us, what should we avoid when constructing a healthier food regimen? It is amazing to us how many people THINK they are healthy, THINK they eat pure foods. When faced with what we suggested, the change in their lifestyle now seemed to loom large....

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New Post on my 2017 blog!
Love to all, Bettye and Dr. Larry

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Facing a New Year of Uncertainty
When we were young and invincible did we even ever cogitate a life past the 2000 mark? And now it is 2017 and for us then, we would have imagined a science fiction world complete with flying cars and stately concept buildings and robotic fixtures. But not y...

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The Living Embryo of Whole Wheat
For our 46th Wedding Anniversary the good Doctor purchased something I have always wanted. No, it wasn't a diamond bracelet which is still on my bucket list, but a whole grain mill. And some wheat kernels that were non-GMO, non-irradiated so I could make a ...

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This Whole Vaccine Thing
We have considerable honor for one more physician who has put his entire reputation on the line for what he knows as truth. If you have never heard of Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, MD I will introduce you to him. He is most likely retired from active practice no...

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Review of the book Medical Medium by Anthony William
       I had walked into the Barnes and Noble bookstore one day and migrated ( as if pulled) in the direction of a table that had new books to peruse. There it was. I knew I had to have it, without any prior knowledge or review, I believe Spirit directed me...

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The Emergence of Disease
1910 : Margarine, a chemical synthesization of vegetable oil is introduced as a substitute for butter; by 1950 the average American consumed 8 lbs. of margarine a year. This was the beginning of highly saturated trans fats and high cholesterol levels, enter...

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Be the Captain of your Ship
I had to use that term many times in my career. Are you a step ahead of the game of health or are you like a herd of sheep following whatever is a trend? As a devoted family, we were at the bedside of our Mother who had a 911 Paramedic call on this Christma...

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But I love my White Flour Bread and Pastries!
I admit this publicly that I have been guilty of enjoying the scrumptious delicious pastries and donuts and breads from restaurants and bistros along the path of my life. We all have. We have fed them to our children, our families in gatherings. And then, w...

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The Bigger Picture
How difficult it is to face the bigger picture? We know of it, we are plummeted by it, we are strong armed to face it at our most vulnerable moments and then we are confused by it, angry at it and wind up with a seething hatred of it that it even exists. Th...
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