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How do donations change lives?

By becoming a "Faithful Friend" (donors who provide support on a monthly basis) you impact the lives of the men, women and children experiencing homelessness in Atlanta. Learn more here!

#FoodDonation #ClothesDonation #HomelessShelter

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How does our Women's shelter help those in need?

After Heidi moved from New York to Atlanta, she ran into difficulties and needed a place to stay. Learn how Atlanta Mission helped her get her life back on track in this story of transformation!

#AtlantaHomelessShelter #ShelterForWomenAndChildren

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Learn about Marica's Story of Transformation on our blog!

Marica’s story began in early childhood and involves abuse and drugs, but today she is a happy mother to her baby girl, Savannah. Learn her story of transformation here.

#WomenShelter #ShelterForWomenAndChildren

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What does transformation through friendship look like?

Learn how Keith transformed his life on our site.

#HomelessShelter #JobTrainingForHomeless 

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Learn about our Atlanta homeless shelter leadership team

Darryl Russ is our Vice President of Men's Services and is passionate about facilitating change in individuals.

#AtlantaRecoveryCenter #HomelessShelters

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Job training for homeless includes...

...a variety of services like GED preparation and resume writing. Learn more about it on our site!

#SheltersForWomenAndChildren #HomelessSheltersInAtlantaGA

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How did our womens' shelter help Shamika?

Shamika lost her job and had been evicted from her apartment. Learn how she found Atlanta Mission and how it helped her turn her life around.

#SheltersInAtlanta #HomelessSheltersInAtlantaGA

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How did a homeless shelter help one of the head chefs at Atlanta Mission?

Drugs derailed Clay's bright future, and his poor decisions ruined his relationships with his family. Learn how he turned his life around on our blog.

#SheltersInAtlanta #HomelessShelters

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How does clothes donation help our mission?

Learn more about the impact that donating your clothes can have on someone's life on our blog.

#DonationOpportunities #SheltersInAtlanta

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Why are volunteer opportunities so important?

When you volunteer at one of our shelters, you can have a huge impact on someone's life. Learn more on our blog about how volunteering can save a life.

#AtlantaHomelessShelters #SheltersForWomenAndChildren
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