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Awesome :)
You can't relax on the Game of Thrones toilet (because some usurper is always trying to take it from you)!

(Pic props to +liz ohanesian )

Hey bist jetzt auch in g+ :)

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Unendlich geil :)

Gmx und Abzocke!

wer davon noch nicht betroffen ist wechselt auf Anbieter denen man vertrauen kann: gmail oder hotmail oder ähnliches

#gmx #webde

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Awesome work ...keep it up

PS4 Controller works on my Windows PC out of the box (driver autodetect and install, easy) ... and Xbox One? should be easy right? Not today! not with Microsoft . 

Wireless connection is not possible and for microUSB you need manually download and install driver. On your own platform? Really?

Can't wait for Steam Controller.

#PS4 #PS4Controller #XboxOne #XboxOneController #Steam #SteamController #Controller #Windows

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Omg !!!

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