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New gallery: Roger Kockaerts is a Belgian artist living and working in Brussels and one of the "veterans" in alternative photographic processes, active in creative photography since the 1950’s. See his palladium prints here:
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I made the decision to print in B&W (and print on demand) to keep the price down.  I had spoke with a few publishers about full color and the price of the book would have been $80.  I felt that would have priced the content out of reach for most people, particularly since the audience that prompted me to compile the book was a small group of college students who were always complaining (rightfully so) about the high cost of their text book.  A full PDF of the book would difficult to protect from piracy, though I have plans for a Kindle version (when I can find time from my busy teaching schedule, so can't guarantee a time line).  Am currently working on video tutorials which should be a better complement to the book than color photos.
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New artist in the gallery: Katerina Bukolska is a self-taught amateur photographer from Prague in the Czech Republic working with cyanotypes on glass, giving the images an original look.
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From our Open Blog: Peter J. Blackburn argues the case for doing a bit of casual printing in-between more serious alternative process work:
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Friday fun… getting down to pinhole specifics on how to best open a can:
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And here is the can opener described in Anthony Mournians pinhole movie:
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Have them in circles
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As pinhole day is approaching, here is another article on how pinhole cameras work:
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