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Natural cork flooring Silver Birch – Beauty in Cork Flooring $2.99 /Sq. Ft!
Silver Birch is an amazing linear patterned natural cork flooring that is now available in our 11mm luxury planks. The exquisite ribbon pattern will remind you of the gentle grace you find in birch trees. Come see us today and ask about how we can ship you a sample of this beautiful cork flooring at

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Relieve Joint Pain with Cork Flooring

You don’t have to suffer unstoppable pain to feel the difference cork flooring can make in your life. Simple discomforts like tired and achy feet, swollen ankles, knee stiffness or tension headaches can be remedied by moving away from traditional floors and installing cork. How to relieve joint pain and back pain with Cork?

Few people know that the body starts from the feet and moves its way up. The feet (and the flooring they walk on) begin the journey to joint discomfort. Traditional surfaces are often hard and unyielding – such as tile, linoleum, vinyl, hardwood and concrete. Even carpets, for all their thickness and padding, cannot remove the discomfort. A carpet is only as good as the under-pad; a cost many people choose not to increase when purchasing carpet.

How does flooring influence pain?

The natural stride (how we walk) is of the heel strike on the floor followed by the planting of the foot. The heel strike causes a shock wave (vibration) down into the floor. The wave is either absorbed (like in sand, soft dirt or thick pile carpet or cork) or it is sent back into the body as a secondary impact wave of vibration. The harder the flooring material, the bigger the returning shock wave (physics tells us that every action is met by an opposite and equal reaction). In this way the floor sends shock waves back into the body – causing vibrations. Vibrations follow anything hard or made of bone. The heel strike is the where joint pain begins.

The heel of the foot is boney which means it does not absorb vibration but sends it further up – to the knee. Here the joint is more pliable – better able to absorb movement. The knee is the second target of hard surfaces. Aching knees are a strong indication that all is not well with the feet nor the surfaces they walk on. But the pain does not stop there because the vibrations do not stop there.

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Trailer flooring, Walls, Ceilings, Cork Tiles

The glue down cork tile can be used as trailer flooring and on any surface – floors, walls, ceilings, counter tops, cutting boards, tables, cabinetry, etc. – with excellent results. All it takes is a little bit of knowledge and a lot of imagination!

We have helped numerous owners restore their streamliners and collectable camper-trailers to their former glory. Our most recent venture saw an unusual “double stick” installation go down in a 4-season camper as trailer flooring. Golden Beach was used as the underlay and then Sand Marble tiles where installed directly over top.

We’ve also helped RV owners refurbish their high-end homes when their top-of-the-line floors ended up looking decrepit within five years of purchase. Our glue down tiles are lighter than vinyl or carpet, can be installed in every space (including bathrooms) and offer the same amount of clearance for pull-outs than thin laminates or ceramic tiles.

Very handy, budget conscious vehicle owners have used our glue down tiles to line the walls, counter tops, table tops, benches and floors to offer the ultimate in coordination! No more searching for the perfect counter to match the floor to match the back-splash! The same glue-down cork can be used in all situations for an impressive decor.

Cork’s low-slip surface is an excellent choice for surfaces that are exposed to water and bare-feet. Even though the use of Forna Cork tiles for “outdoor use” falls well outside the “residential use” warranty, our clients are confident enough in our product to use it in areas that will take more than the usual beating. Even as a whim, Forna products are priced well enough to take a chance when thinking up new and inventive ways to use this versatile material.

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Blue Cork Flooring Available Now! $2.29
Our Blue Granite is a popular choice of cork flooring specifically for its unique beauty and subtle finish. The muted blues grays and greens will draw through in the sunlight bringing with it an irresistible energy and vitality to any room in your home. Currently offered at $2.29

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Cork Flooring at Amazing Prices - $1.99 SQ/FT
That’s right, you can now purchase our 11mm Golden Beach cork flooring for an amazing $1.99 a square foot. While this quality flooring is usually purchased for its price point – our customers soon fall in love with its amalgamated cork pattern. See us today at to order your own free samples.

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Gym Flooring and Physical Therapy Center Floor Cork Works So Well:

Cork has come a long way from being a wine stopper. The construction industry has made it a welcome product in residential and commercial buildings. In fact, the cork flooring that is available today comes in a wide range of colors and designs. But did you know that cork flooring has been a popular addition as gym flooring and physical therapy centers floor for many years now? Why you ask?

The answer is actually very simple. Because it is the best product for what it does.

Cork has a cellular structure much like a honeycomb with millions of pockets or chambers. Each of the cells is filled with air. When you walk on this type of a surface, the air becomes compressed and released. This process absorbs the shock and provides a cushioning effect, making it highly comfortable to walk on.

Cork is very durable and has been used in churches, libraries and several public buildings over the years. One of the longest known places is the Library of Congress. It is also easy to keep clean and to maintain.

The same air trapped cells that give cork floors that ‘cushion’ also helps reduce vibration and noise caused from walking or from falling objects. This quality makes it a preferred option for gym flooring and physical therapy centers floor.

Imagine exercising on a floor that won’t transfer the impact to your knees or joints, is hypo-allergenic and also doubles as a sound insulator. Turn up the music and exercise to your hearts content. Walk across a cork floor as you learn control over your body once more, safe in the knowledge that your therapy center cares so much that even their floors are made to accommodate your needs.

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Amazing 8mm Crème Royale Cork Tiles Available Now! $2.89 a SQ/FT
Wait until you see our new 8mm glue-down tile – Crème Royale Marble. This beautiful floor has a palette of blue/grays, tans and pinks that will give you the “look” of an expensive marble floor without the huge price tag. Come by our online showroom at and order samples today.

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6mm Cork Tiles - Logan! $2.89 a SQ/FT
Logan is our one of a kind cork floor and you can now have it in this fantastic 6mm glue-down tile. Each piece of cork found on any tile has been hand laid, so taking your time to lay out this floor is needed. Order your samples today at to see this amazing floor for yourself.

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Cork flooring’s durability is legendary. This well-loved and well known floor has been used for almost two centuries in Europe. Many of the floors installed during the height of the cork flooring fad – between 1880 – 1940 are still in use today and are as handsome and as practical as they day they were laid.

One of the reasons cork is so durable is that after it compresses it returns to its original shape. Cork is also water-proof and is the only wood product that can claim this. Cork bark contains Suberin – this is a waxy substance found in most plants, however cork has an overabundance of this substance which gives it many of its wonderful benefits – water proof; fire and insect resistant; as well as antimicrobial.

Like all wood floors with a factory finish, cork can be damaged. The finish or wear layer is the first line of defense against damage. Forna's flexible polyurethane finishes are well suited to cork, but they can wear through over time. Like most wood floors, cork will need to be refinished or refreshed every 3-7 years.

The second line of defense is Cork’s resiliency - it's ability to recover from insult or injury. This does not mean that cork will not dimple or dent. What it does mean is cork is less likely to suffer permanent damage or dents. When cork dents, or dimples as we call them, can be “ironed” out with hot steam – such as hot wet towels being applied to the area of indentation.

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Cork Floor Maintenance

You need only to sweep or vacuum your floor to remove surface grit and dust. A polyurethane sealed floor only needs to be wiped with a damp cloth or mop. Occasionally a mild detergent can be added to the water or simply go ahead and purchase a “neutral cleaner” as your main form of flooring cleaner.

Do NOT use abrasive cleaners. Do NOT wax a cork floor that is finished with water based polyurethane. Use protective pads under furniture legs (known as “furniture coasters”). Be aware that some footwear, such as stiletto heels, can cause indentations in the cork. These are not normally permanent. By applying a hot, damp cloth to such an indentation will help the cork recover in a timely manner (in a few minutes instead of a few days.)

A cork floor requires its polyurethane finish to be “refreshed” every 3-7 years; depending on traffic levels and personal taste. A light buff or “screening” will remove any residue left over from cleaning products as well as provide a prepared surface ready to take the new coat of water based polyurethane.

Sealing your Cork Flooring
Roll the water-based polyurethane onto the tiles with a smooth foam or fine napped roller. Roll in one direction. Be aware that the “wet edge” is only workable for 15- 20 minutes! You must be quick or your finish will be less than perfect.

Wait for the first coat to dry (4-6 hours) before applying the next coat. Apply 2-4 coats (2-3 coats for regular wear areas and 3-4 coats for heavy traffic areas). This process seals the tile joints against possible water and dirt penetration. It also allows the floor to react as a single sheet of cork rather than individual tiles. Once the last coat of polyurethane has dried (after 24 hours) the floor is available for light use = 1 person in stocking feet for 5 minutes at a time. Do not place furniture or area rugs during the 5 days of curing.

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