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I have just been watching a documentary about Reincarnation on youtube and it prompted me to share a few thoughts
Evidence of Reincarnation
I am not a follower of any of the worlds religions,but I do believe in the concept of reincarnation it seems obvious to me that the process is part and parcel of regeneration and the biological process. To me it is a pity that our conception of it has often been hijacked by those religious types that would have have those of us,and alas there are plenty who's reasoning abilities are insufficiently developed enough to lend original thought to the matter that Reincarnation has anything to do with punishment or penitence for our actions in life. To me Reincarnation is about that spark of energy we often refer to as our spirit being returned to the universes great cauldron or melting pot of indefinable physics. I for what its worth consider that A Human,a flower,a beetle or a fly,or as Walt Whitman spoke of a leaf of grass has no larger or important influence in the order of the world or universes regeneration all return to that great battery of energy that drives all. The tangible thing we leave behind is the memory we leave in the minds of those who remember us and the creative or destructive ideas and influences that we have had during our lives. Having said that the actions and deeds Good or bad of humankind will only last as long our species survive,then all will be swallowed back into the regenerative process that created us in the first place,and all our physical energy will be unnoticed from whence it came
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IT was the review that halted a prominent actor’s career and sparked the nation’s first libel suit against a theatre critic.
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Vladimir Putin needed an army to mount an invasion of Crimea The EU only needed Easyjet and Paddington coach Station to mount an Eastern European invasion of the UK.  The EU is the biggest threat to liberty in Britain since Nazi Germany. I am not anti Eastern European I am anti over population of my country. What was supposed to have been a trading organisation has now become an undemocratic political monstrosity where the vote of the ordinary citizen does not count. We need to end this this unrequited marriage to the devil.Thank Goodness we have at least one politician in Nigel Farage with the wit and wisdom to stand up to the arrogant "we know best and you don't need to have a say" school of mainstream British politicians Such as Clegg,Cameron,and Moribund Milliband. UKIP will get my vote to get us out of the EU conspiracy that we never had an opportunity to vote to join.
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poetryreincarnations channel

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Thank Goodness for Nigel Farage at last a politician articulate enough to stand up to the EU Lapdog traitors such as Clegg, ,Cameron,and Milliband  from the mainstream parties that place corporate expediency over the sovereignty and democracy and security of their own people. 
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Farage is an amazing speaker no question, even his critics can't deny that.
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I am a videographer and archivist of acoustic musicians and poets. I reincarnate great poets,literary and historical figures at my youtube poetryreincarnations channel & at my acoustcarchive youtube channel you can see a selection of original video recordings of acoustc musicians and poets from my home produced video archive
poetryreincarnations channel at youtube.Where great poets,literary and historical figures are reincarnated via the wonders of computer animation in scratchy old style movies so they can be seen again reading their best known and loved works.
acoustcarchive channel at youtube where you can see a selection of video recordings from my unique home produced video archive of amazing acoustic musicians and poets and hear some of my own recitals of great and original poems set to music.
Heres a website with hundreds of my original photos that was originaly an MSN GROUP..This my oldest surviving website....and has hundreds of photos from my video archive and of my late darling little bichon frise pal Snowie (1999 - 2008) in all sorts of interesting places
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