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Nexus 5 practically bricked after OTA Marshmallow update.  Wifi is useless after update.  Completely reset phone with no backup fresh start.  I've lost my love for the Nexus line.  Nothing but problems with Bluetooth and WiFi.  I'm surprised I haven't gotten into a car accident yet with Bluetooth issues on my Nexus 6 still on Lollipop and afraid to update with fear of bricking to.  Why is it that Nexus devices are just crap?  This will be my first and last post.  It seems I need to move to the evil empire we know as Apple, because their product actually work.

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What do you think of my Pujie Black preset, Dark Lord of the Sith!? It is a Star Wars inspired theme.  When I found the highlighted second hand and made it red it made me think of a Sith lightsaber, it spins around as the second hand.  I like to keep things simple.  The weather doesn't work well and the two battery meters in one fit my purpose.  I just wanted to share for other Star Wars fans out there and any others that may like it. I personally set for 10 seconds so the lightsaber swings longer. The going ambient then closing animation works well with the theme and looks like the lightsaber is put away. I get great battery life using this theme as well. Guess it might have to do with the dark side of the force leading to some things might seem unnatural. I hope you enjoy.

#AndroidWear #WatchFace #PujieBlack #DarkLordoftheSith

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I didn't upgrade this year, I still prefer my Nexus 5 over anything available at the moment. Android has the most market share because it caters to users, Apple makes the most money because their focus is profits.  Samsung is diving because they are trying to separate themselves from Android, with this Tizen crap Samsung is pushing they are losing their base.  Only Samsung name brand loyalists are buying their phones.  Galaxy Gear is probably the worst idea Samsung has ever had, while other companies e.g. Sony, LG and Motorola for example are using Android Wear and now is starting to take off in sales, especially with the Android 5 Lollipop update recently released.  There is more to this than your short article exposes, to the point of the article looking like nothing more than the billionth Apple biased article ever written.  The moment you started comparing data the article went from Android hardware falls to Apple is doing great.  You also do not even seem to understand at all the "and" campaign/commercial that Google is pushing.  And, the way Google is using it is mainly using the 'logical conjunction' of the word as being additive or inclusive.  Because no two people are the same there really can't be one phone to rule them all.  So Google creates the OS then lets other companies to make products of all sorts ofshapes and sizes, some with really nice cameras, some made specifically to be durable, emphasizing that there is something for everyone.  As well as the fact that android allows users to choose how their experience is with their android product, custom UI's, the ability to choose which SMS app you use,  the campaign focuses on this aspect.  As individuals we like to feel as if we are unique, no matter what android product you use or how you use it, that it is more important that we use these products to be together.  Not exclusive, where everyone has to have the same phone and use it the same way to feel they are part of something bigger.  I'm not saying Apple products aren't good.  If you want to use Apple devices, there is nothing wrong with that, it is who you are.  Don't sit there and try to spin this where 'and' means they just run android, their hardware is falling, so basically Apple is awesome.  Which is all I get from your article.  Your so closed minded you come off to me as nothing more than just another in a heard of iSheep.
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