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Frida Ghitis calls herself a journalist? I may be sticking up for Google a lot lately, but don't confuse me for an apologist. I have no vested interest in what Google does other than being a satisfied user of their products.

I have no patience for uninformed, unsupported claims that Google is out to exploit its users' private information. The author of this article even admits, "Who wants to read [in the new Google privacy policy] about what Google plans to do with all that information it has about us? I, too, clicked 'Dismiss'." The article description even says, "...not something we can afford to dismiss," but that is exactly what the author did.

So you haven't read the new policy but you are somehow informed enough to make claims about Google's intentions with our data? You are out to encourage Google users to take their data elsewhere. What is your argument based on, if you haven't read the new Google privacy policy for yourself? No wonder there is no way of contacting the author directly and article comments have been disabled.

Frida Ghitis says online hoarding of our private information is not something we can afford to "dismiss."
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This isn't even news, it's graffiti with punctuation. One persons ignorant rant that belongs in a blog somewhere, not posted on CNN as a news article.
One of her newer "articles" is about Islam. She got slammed in the comments for being misinformed and narrow-minded. Guess that's how she rolls. She definitely belongs on some blog, not CNN.
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