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Efficiency through Expertise
Efficiency through Expertise

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Please, please, please I have posted in three different places and not getting an answer. CAN I PLEASE WIPE MY PHONE AND USE A ROM??? Please tell me which I can use. I have it rooted, but cannot install a rom manager since NONE have ANY BLU PHONES IN THERE LIST.

I have a BLU STUDIO XL and there is NO INFO ANYWHERE. So far has been a huge waste of money for me. If I don't get some response by an ACTUAL BLU SUPPORT PERSON I am gonna start the negative campaign on Twitter and Facebook. I will send a bad review every single day until someone at least answers me....

Please, can't find ANYTHING for my Blu Studio XL. I would love to use a better ROM. BLU apps, like every other bloatware, is not for me. I would like a clean ROM.

Anyone out there able to ROM this, hopefully with Cyanogen? Rooting via Kingroot was simple, but doesn't do anything but make the phone work like crap.. I.e. can't stop pre-installed apps or phone doesn't work well.

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Panama Sports Fishing!!

Any reason why I can't find ANYTHING on a Blu Studio XL?? I have one and would like to know if I can update to Marshmallow or root and rom, but I NEVER get a response... Please, someone tell me if I should just throw this phone in sea...

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I have a Studio XL, is there a version of Cyanogen that I can install?

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