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Writing and editing books in multiple genres, including fiction, history, memoir, and creative nonfiction. Also: composing poetry, blogging, writing syndication-quality articles and editorials, and serving as a publishing consultant liaison.
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    Writer and Editor, 2001 - present
    Aberjhani is a winner of The Choice Academic Title Award, the Thomas Jefferson Journalism Award, the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait VIP Dot Award, Best History Book Award, Best Poet and Spoken Word Artist Award, and Notable New Jersey Book of the Year Award. His most recent book, published spring 2014, is the literary reference collection titled Journey through the Power of the Rainbow, Quotations from a Life Made out of Poetry. His current works in progress include the creative nonfiction book, Greeting Flannery O’Connor at the Back Door of My Mind, on culture and history in Savannah, Georgia; and The Boy with the Guerrilla Decontextualized Face, on the rampant practice of utilizing partial truths to distort larger public realities and the various dangerous consequences of the same. He is also at work on a new volume of previously-unpublished poetry.
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United States of America
Savannah, Georgia - England, Germany, Alaska
Working scribe: member of PEN American Center and the Academy of American Poets.

Though I’ve lived in different places throughout the global village, I was born in a house in Savannah, Georgia (USA). That event took place less than a mile from the often-touted childhood home of acclaimed author Flannery O’Connor and roughly 3.5 miles from where celebrated poet Conrad Aiken rests at literary peace in Bonaventure Cemetery.

The Carnegie Branch Library, founded just before the Harlem Renaissance and an important refuge during his childhood for the Pulitzer Prize-winning James Alan McPherson, stood about a mile away in one direction while the Savannah River flowed eagerly along a mile away in another direction. I would like to say something here about the author and actor Charles Perry as well but know too little about his early years in Savannah to say how or where our southern stories might intersect.

These unique elements of Savannah’s literary culture did not make it inevitable that I should grow up to become an author and editor of history, literary fiction, poetry, essays, memoir, and journalism. It is, however, more than likely that they played some meaningful (known or unknown) role in me beginning to write in order to place the adventures and misadventures of my life into a usable perspective. Among the bibliographic lessons learned and shared thus far are these: 

  • Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry (2014)

  • Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black (poems & stories, 2012)

  • Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance (history & biography, 2003/2010)

  • The Wisdom of W.E.B. Du Bois (essays & quotations, 2003/2010)

  • The River of Winged Dreams (poems & introductory essays, 2010)

  • ELEMENTAL, the Power of Illuminated Love (ekphrastic poems with art by Luther E. Vann, 2008)

  • The American Poet Who Went Home Again (memoir & essays, 2008)

  • The Bridge of Silver Wings (poems, 2008)

  • Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World (novel, 2007)

  • I Made My Boy Out of Poetry (short fiction & poems, 1998)

Once an author has invested a certain number of tears (of joy as well as sorrow) and dreams (that inspire as well as terrify) into the creation of books filled with his or her deepest realizations, nothing really speaks so precisely about who that author is as do those hard-won compositions. It is not that we believe our literary productions represent the sum total of our lives. It is only that producing them becomes some of the most brilliantly-endured and fiercely-lived moments, hours, days, and years of our existence. 


P.S. ALSO: I’ve been blessed to walk in the company of more than a few angels and these are some of them:

Angel of Hope’s Persistent Flight

Angel of Healing For the Living the Dying and the Praying

Angel of Peace

Angel of War

Poets of the Angels

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Aberjhani Aberjhani

General Discussion  - 
Most people might give up on trying to convince others to refrain from violence and to embrace instead the #values   of #unity  & #compassion  if they themselves suddenly became the victims of #gunviolence  that left them #paralyzed  . 18-Year-old Semaj Clark decided that isn’t his style. It’s almost impossible not to #BeInspired   by Semaj’s #story  when reading of how he traveled from California to Savannah, Georgia, for the purpose of participating in a forum on ending violence among #youth  in the city but then experienced the tragedy that he did in the very city where he hoped to #inspire  greater respect for #peace .  

#GoFundSemajClark   #NonviolentConflictResolution   #Savannah_GA   #SemajClark   #SavannahLivesMatter   #SolidaritySavannah   #GunsInGeorgia  
On Saturday, October 10, 2015, Semaj Clark, a Brotherhood Crusade youth ambassador and student at Mt. San Antonio College was presenting at a community safety forum hosted by the Georgia Juvenile Court System in Savannah, GA. The goal was to bring groups and people together to focus on juvenile j...
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Aberjhani Aberjhani

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It's true that time flies when you're having fun & it zooms by even faster when that fun includes #writing  about our life & times in the #21stCentury  
#Authors   #Authors_On_GooglePlus   
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Aberjhani Aberjhani

General Discussion  - 
Great teachers can be empowering when equipping individual students to confront the world as much as possible on their own terms. But they can be truly #inspiring  when making it possible for those #students  to empower numerous others. I have been blessed enough to have a few such #teachers  and these days often look for ways to express #gratitude  for the #gifts  of #knowledge  & #dedication  they bestowed upon my life.

#SanFrancisco   #Poetics   #Journaling   #Books_and_Authors  
Anyone in the habit of keeping journals––as I have been for many years––has probably noticed the advantage they provide when the need arises to confirm specific incidents or meetings from the past. Writers of memoir, biography, and autobiography in particular can appreciate such leverage.
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Aberjhani Aberjhani

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A year after the #shooting   of #MichaelBrown  in Ferguson, Missouri, Americans and the rest of the world are still struggling to come to terms with a very deadly trend:

#nonviolent_conflict_resolution   #MichaelJackson   #ElvisPresley   #GuerrillaDecontextualization   #Demographics   #Multiculturalism   #BlackLivesMatter  
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Aberjhani Aberjhani

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To #quote   the great Jahannes himself: "Unless we learn to know ourselves, we run the danger of destroying ourselves." There's a lot of inclusiveness in those words.

#HBCU   #GreatThinkers   #LiteraryEssays   #CulturalArts  
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There are many reasons the people of #Paris   #France  have often #inspired  me. One of them is because of the accounts of #intellectual  adventures and #cultural  passions experienced by #Americans  who first found their #creative   #voices  there. Several such accounts came from the #AfricanAmerican   #author  James Baldwin:

“It’s a great city, Paris, a beautiful city––and––it was very good for me.” #JamesBaldwin quote from #AnotherCountry #WithLoveToParis #Compassion4Paris
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The people struggling to endow this unfolding #21st_century  of ours with #ethical_substance  and meaningful life-enhancing #change   have often inspired me over the past decade to write about their efforts. They continue to do so and I find myself grateful just to know so many are #dedicated  to trying to make a #positive_difference  in the face of so many negative circumstances.

#Change_Agents   #Creativity   #Creative_Muse   #Writers_and_Readers   #Authorship   #Authors_On_GooglePlus   #essays   #Photo_collage   #Creative_Inspiration  
Article art graphic featuring black & white images of musician Nina Simone, Sonny Rollins, author Pat Conroy, author & editor Susan L. Taylor, King of Pop Michael, poet & educator Ja A. Jahannes, Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance, actor Danny Glover, artist Luther E. Vann, and more.
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It was my great privilege in the years that followed #September_11_2001  to share with members across the globe a defiant #creative_vision   of #healing   #unification  in the face of vehement atrocity. Their willingness to transform courageous #hope  into works of #art  , #poetry  , #song  , &  #video  not only #inspired   me for years—they #sustained  me in all the ways that mattered the most during extremely adverse times. 

#LinkedIn_Authors   #Creative_Thinkers   #Visionaries   #Remembering_911  
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Aberjhani Aberjhani

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#British_author  Rosy Cole shares some impressive insights in her review of my #book  The Bridge of Silver Wings:

#poetry   #BookReview   #Literary_Essay  
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Aberjhani Aberjhani

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As news of the passing of Ja A. Jahannes continues to spread around the globe, colleagues and fans recall what made this exceptionally-gifted renaissance man so unique:

#JaJahannes   #SavannahGeorgia   #BeingGeniusesTogether   #AfricanAmericanAuthors   #LiteraryEssays   #LiteraryHistory  
#WisdomQuotes   #CreativeGenius  
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Apparently I did not realize how much the #poetry   plays, stories, music, & other creative works by Ja Jahannes had inspired my own efforts until I attempted to write a short tribute to the late genius:

#polymaths   #Being_Geniuses_Together   #BeingGeniusesTogether   #CreativeArtists   #Quotes   #genius  
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