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Writing and editing books in multiple genres, including fiction, history, memoir, and creative nonfiction. Also: composing poetry, blogging, writing syndication-quality articles and editorials, and serving as a publishing consultant liaison.
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    Writer and Editor, 2001 - present
    Aberjhani is a winner of The Choice Academic Title Award, the Thomas Jefferson Journalism Award, the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait VIP Dot Award, Best History Book Award, Best Poet and Spoken Word Artist Award, and Notable New Jersey Book of the Year Award. His most recent book, published spring 2014, is the literary reference collection titled Journey through the Power of the Rainbow, Quotations from a Life Made out of Poetry. His current works in progress include the creative nonfiction book, Greeting Flannery O’Connor at the Back Door of My Mind, on culture and history in Savannah, Georgia; and The Boy with the Guerrilla Decontextualized Face, on the rampant practice of utilizing partial truths to distort larger public realities and the various dangerous consequences of the same. He is also at work on a new volume of previously-unpublished poetry.
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United States of America
Savannah, Georgia - England, Germany, Alaska
Working scribe who is also a member of PEN American Center and the Academy of American Poets.

Both of my current works in progress have given me reason to reflect on the creative passions that first drove me to lift a pen and confront the world through writing. One of the works is an anthology of sorts and the other a memoir.

I fell in love at an early age with the biographies of authors, poets, and artists. Like many others who have fallen headlong into that romantic dream, I wanted to live a life that reflected the kind of passionate courage, creative daring, and manifestations of genius that I imagined their lives did. Years later, like many others who have fallen headlong into that starry-eyed vision,  I realized that reading about literary heroes and sheroes was a lot easier than duplicating the triumphs of their lives. But has that stopped me from trying? Not at all.

If tempted or forced to identify any aspect or juncture of my literary career as regrettable, I would probably say it was the fact that family matters prevented me from touring after the publication of Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance (2003, Facts On File/Infobase Publishing). But I would then have to point out that my years as a caregiver, as costly as they were on different levels, stand among the most richly rewarding in my life. Among those rewards is the fact that grace so often stepped in to compensate for the nonexistent book tours and placed Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance in libraries across the globe, making it one of the better selling books on the celebrated subject. To date, in this year of its 10th anniversary, it not only continues to sell in printed form but is part of the Bloom’s Literary Reference Online and African-American History Online education databases as well.

The Works Produced and Survived

It has often been said that in order for an author to write with commanding insight, she or he needs to experience as much of life as possible. But those who have dedicated yeas to the creation of one or two masterworks, or who complete one major project only to dive right into the next, know that writing itself is a core component of what constitutes “living” for authors dedicated to the craft.  We begin instinctively to measure years by the works produced and survived.

I no longer try to match the intense adventures that went into Hemingway’s breathtaking prose, the oracular historical scope that defines novels by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, or the jaw-dropping qualities that make the writings of a Toni Morrison, Albert Camus, or Shakespeare so singular. I treasure the realization that nothing made, or makes, them quite so great as their respect for the sound of their own literary voices. In addition to the aforementioned Encyclopedia, my voice continues to sing out through the following pages:

I Made My Boy Out of Poetry (fiction and poetry first published by the regional Washington Press in 1997); The Wisdom of W.E.B. Du Bois (Kensington Books and Open Road Media, 2003 and 2011); The American Poet Who Went Home Again (2008, Black Skylark Singing, 2008); ELEMENTAL The Power of Illuminated Love (2008, featuring art by Luther E. Vann); The River of Winged Dreams (a.k.a. The Bridge of Silver Wings, 2010, Black Skylark Singing Press); and Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black (2012).

In addition to blogging frequently (somewhat) at Red Room, I also share blogs and articles at CTI, AuthorsDen, and my column, "The National African-American Art Examiner" on  

I’ve been blessed to walk in the company of more than a few angels and these are some of them:

Angel of Hope’s Persistent Flight

Angel of Healing For the Living the Dying and the Praying

Angel of Peace

Angel of War

Poets of the Angels

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Many poets & jazz musicians always have been, and likely always will be, figures of great inspiration in my life.
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Here's wishing everybody a brilliant #WorldPoetryDay  2015:

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If #music  makes the world go round, #poetry  keeps it spinning just right. Have a #Happy   #WorldPoetryDay  
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There is something about 2 Female Literary Lions releasing new #books   in the same year that makes the word stand up and pay attention.

#LiteraryGenius   +Toni Morrison  +Harper Lee  #GoSetAWatchman  
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It's not every year that 2 power-house American women #authors   in their 80s release books likely to strongly influence dialogues on race and racism in America, but with both +Toni Morrison & +Harper Lee coming out with novels, the year 2015 is a major exception.

#NewBookReleases   #BlackHistoryMonth   #WomensHistoryMonth  
"To Kill A Mockingbird" author Harper Lee is releasing a new book decades after the publication of her seminal-and only-novel. The reaction ranges from wild excitement for thi...
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Should events like #NationalPoetryMonth  & #JazzAppreciationMonth   receive less attention than #war  or #terrorism  or #murder  in mainstream media just because they represent creative intelligence rather than destruction? Maybe, probably, not.

#npm15   #JAM15   #VideoPoem   #jazz  
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Today being World Poetry Day I have to give a big shout-out to the editors of +Poetry Life & Times for being some of the most inspiring creative individuals with whom I have ever had the privilege of sharing #literary   #coversation  :

#WorldPoetryDay   #Editors   #Poets_And_Poetry   #Author_Interview  
#npm15   #World_Literature   #World_Poets   #Interviews  
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From the essay: "If the reported number of those actually enduring, or dying from, slavery in the here are and now are sometimes disputed, the different forms of enslavement have been documented in many ways."

#slavery   #humantrafficking   #moderndayslavery   #literaryreview   #SavannahGeorgia   #SlaveryInGeorgia   #AmericanCivilWar   
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As strange as it may seem, the rights and wrongs of the #American   #CivilWar   fought in the 19th century are still hotly debated in the 21st century. The good news is that particularly bloody #war   did come to an end and this year marks the amazing #150thanniversary   of its conclusion.

#QuotesAboutTheCivilWar   #AmericanCivilWar   #Americans   #Slavery   #Freedom   #Democracy   #AmericanHistory   #BlackHistoryMonth  
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It just so happens that Nobel Laureate +Toni Morrison has a birthday coming up this week & few #authors  have inspired me as much as she.

#LiteraryGenius   #BlackHistoryMonth   #WomensHistoryMonth   #WomenAuthors   #LitearyEssays   
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As the 57th Grammy Awards showed, music remains one of the dominant creative disciplines to help the world maintain some harmony in chaotic times.

#GrammyAwards   #Music   #CreativeThinkersInternational  
The full rundown of who won what on Music's Biggest Night
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Thx for this.

All Crap.

Thx again.
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