Next levels greetings in Jesus name.

You will recall that Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they knew not the time of their visitation –Lk 19:41-42.

We all know that we serve a God of times and seasons –Ecc 3:1-3

This God makes all things beautiful in His time – Ecc 3:11

We are prophetically in our year of 'double portion' and 'next levels' and it showing – Amos 3:7

We have been hearing testimonies; not only of 'double portion' but 'triple portion' and several level turnaround testimonies - Deut 18:22

In the same vein, the 7-week prophetic feast of ingathering is also showing with good reports and humbling testimonies from all across our church network. To God be all the glory!

Furthermore here at Faith Tabernacle, on one of the Sundays we recorded over 15,000 increase in attendance and yet another Sunday God added over 22,000 both of men and women to His church. It works!
Truly, whatever the mouth of the Lord has spoken, His hand will ever be there to perform! 1Kg 8:15

Every one of us is admonished to be on alert and to be spiritually sensitive in this last week of our ingathering season.

Remember, it is also the last full week of the midst of the year where "all our everlasting mountains shall be scattered and all our perpetual hills brought low" - Hab 3:9-10

Hitherto, God has proved over and again that soul winning is a platform from where each one of us will take delivery of his/her double portion and 'next levels' package. In our midst we have heard several humbling testimonies; miracle jobs, miracle babies, miracle marriages, supernatural breakthroughs in businesses, careers and finances etc. through faithful tireless commitment to soul winning.

Therefore everyone should endeavour to engage fully in the harvest field this last week and whatever anyone will ask the Lord shall be delivered with speed – Jn 15:16

As it is written;   
"He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him." – Jn 14:21

Therefore, expect God to manifest Himself to you as you obey His commandments in all areas of your need:

- Your miracle job is landing this week
- Your miracle spouse is showing up this week
- Your miracle child/children is being released this week
- Restoration of your marriage is taking place this week
- God is turning all areas of concern in your life into testimonies of breakthroughs this week.

In conclusion, Jesus is saying 'go thou to the sea, and cast an hook there is a "miracle coin" in the mouth of every fish caught for me' - Matt 17:27

Therefore, every fish caught for Christ this week definitely holds a miracle in return for you. Every one of us must strive not to miss the miracles in soul winning and the wonders of the midst of the year this week-Hab 3:1-19/ Hag 2:1-9

May be you are on the line for a miracle job, allow Jesus to engage you this week and He will connect you to where your miracle job is waiting.

May be you are looking up to God for miracle marriage; go out for Him this week and he will come down for you with your miracle.

Every faithful ambassador is entitled to divine health. Therefore, as you go out for Jesus this week on the highways and the hedges, in your workplace, your neighbourhood your health shall be totally restored.

Everybody on the GO for Christ this week is sure to return with something to SHOW.

I strongly believe it is your time for supernatural turnaround and it is time for your star to shine. Remain ever blessed!

Jesus is Lord!  Amen.
Bishop David O. Oyedepo
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