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Can people share God's Umbrella?

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As reported in the press and television, a nun at the church where the priest was murdered in St Ettene de Rouvray, France, the killer was heard shouting 'You are Christians! You are killing all of us!'
It seems the recent bombings, shootings, acts of violence committed in Europe and the U.S. could be construed as revenge or retaliation for the bombings in the Middle East. The radicalised fanatics have suffered losses in terms of their brethren bombed in Syria and Iraq and other places, instigated or carried out by the various nations. The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls may be right in his fear that more such acts will follow in the future.
A solution may be there : To engage in dialogue with the ISIS people. There must be the offer of disengagement from war, and a return to peace for all.
(c) Durudarshan 12:16pm GMT London 28thJuly2016 

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Could a solution to the Bhs crisis be - for Sir Philip Green to buy it back, retain it as a trading company, and see if its fortunes could be revived? - together with the possibility of saving something towards the workers Pension scheme, say over three years into the future? A closure will be bad news, and will demand payment from Sir Philip into the Pension funds (what apparently was instead sent to companies in Monaco and Jersey). He is one man who has the panache, the brilliance, the flair to turn this company around, even now, and modify the branding and marketing in tune with today's crowds. He could help save this company and so many jobs. It would be so good if he can keep his title, which he richly deserves.

Senator Tim Kaine seems a good choice for running mate for Mrs Hillary Clinton's presidential ticket. Tim's father was a welder, his mother a teacher. For a gap year, he chose to serve a Jesuit mission at a Catholic school in Honduras. For a career, he chose to become a human rights lawyer, serving the poor, fighting discrimination in housing. This is a man who has at heart serving the working class and the aspirational Americans at the wide end of the pyramid, and will certainly stand with Hillary as a brother and support her in her decision making. The combination is a winning ticket. I can imagine America celebrating 8th November with electing Hillary as Madame President.
(c) Durudarshan 2:15pm GMT London 24thJuly2016 

The nations raged, the kingdoms were moved,
His words were heard, the world melted.....Psalms 46.6

Yes, the world could do with uttering His words.

The shooting and killing of so many people in Munich is absolutely appalling. It is tragic that this very imaginative young person invited so many youngsters to a 'free meal' at the McDonalds and then shot them dead. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
Any parents of such children should keep an eye, and if they suspect anything like this they should seek appropriate police help or psychiatric help for such offspring. It would save tears and heartbreak to so many people.
In view of the events in Paris recently, it indicates the Police must step up their efforts to keep tabs on such suspects. Best of all, such persons should be denied gun ownership. How are such guns leaking through? Which suppliers are supplying such people? Where? Ostend?
I think it also makes a strong case to tighten gun ownership laws in the U.S. Such tragic events suggest that the world needs laws and police checks of a civilized society, not ideas of the 'Wild West' - stories of which can feed young people's imagination. Guns and other weapons (like knives) can cause irreversible damage - something some people cannot really comprehend.
I pray for everlasting love of God for all those who lost their lives recently. In the name of Jesus our Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.
- Durudarshan 8:02pm GMT London 29thJuly2016

According to journalists writing in the Guardian at the time, Sir Philip Green's Arcadia Group's value apparently went up by over a billion pounds after he took over BHS for £200million. Such was their delight, Lady Green arranged a huge 50PG Birthday party for him, costing nearly £5million.
At the recent Commons enquiry, it became clear that Sir Philip was the creative director as CEO, but not tending to the financial, especially the Pensions side of things. Acknowledging that, he promised to look into things and see what amends need to be made.
There are rumours that the money for BHS pensions may have been paid into the parent company, Tavesta and Tavesta (No.2). Hopefully, the honourable Sir Philip can be trusted to look into this and be the saviour of the momentarily beleaguered BHS. With the necessary cash-flow and capital, it could very possibly once again be profitable, and save the jobs of all those people who work for the company.
I write this without prejudice or malice, but merely so the people can concentrate on the issues and sort them out. I write merely as a commentator.
(c) Durudarshan 3:56pm GMT London 23rdJuly2016
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