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Adam J. Ferguson
Yes... That is my name...
Yes... That is my name...
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The Beach Boys in concert

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Built a camera dolly. Its so pretty!

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I think the aviary is just about full.
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Just one month and one day and she already cracked it. The once beautiful nexus 7, is now ruined...

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These political ads are getting ridiculous... Look what we got in the mail!

Well, aviary's all set up. The birds seem pretty happy; I guess we'll see how it works out. As another bonus, we got the aquarium set up too. Three fish died instantly. The others were okay though! We now have a total of four fish in our 55 gallon tank...

...... Freaking Triathlon....
Overall: 01:10:26
Swimming: 00:06:16
Biking: 00:44:43
Running: 00:19:25

So, studio shooting is pretty cool. Just call me "Floor Director"

Holy crap it's hot in this house. A/C just ran out of Freon so we're pretty much screwed until winter.

Adam J. Ferguson is now legally permitted to drive and operate a motor vehicle under the condition that a licensed person over the age of 21 occupies the passenger seat.
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