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Libre Baskerville Specimen!
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You've somehow managed provide specimen without (ok it's there in good but it would help if it was bigger) lower case letter "g" the most prominent letter of Baskerville. And looking at this same specimen it seems only regular is available. Is that true or are there other styles available?
+Jakub Steiner ? My comment wasn't intended to be in any way offensive or anything. I was just pointing out that since "g" is so prominent it's a good indicator to see how well it's done. I know how meticulous you have to be to create something as complex as Baskerville. Any type actually. And I just wanted original poster to provide more info... I can see that there's also Italic and Bold which is a full set in my opinion. That's all. More info.

I'm sorry if you felt offended by my comment which wasn't intentional.
+Robert Koritnik +Jakub Steiner Jejeje... I love when people get passionate about fonts!!
I also forgot to add the download url: Here it is:
BTW, how did it happen that v1.0 was released in November, and all the excitement started just now? :)
Jejeje, maybe because Libre fonts are not featured in the Myfonts newletters :)
We rely on mouth to mouth, blogs posts, twitter, etc...
Maybe you could add RSS to your website?

Oh, and any particular reason to choose 1941 ATF specimens as a starting point? Open Baskerville was based on Fry's (but was never adjusted to look good an smaller than 36pt sizes).
Yep.. I need to add a blog (rss included) or something.
Why 1941 ATF? Dave suggested the idea, and we liked it.
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