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Hi folks, as you may have heard, Google is shutting down G+ in 10 months. That means this place is likely to be on the way out, if not gone, by the time of Game Chef 2019. The coordinators will be discussing the best way to maintain the GC community moving forward, and we'll make an announcement when we have a final decision. We realize that any other platform we choose will have problems, and there will always be some people who find that the new platform is not good for them -- but we want to do our best to find a solution that works for the largest number of people.

In the meantime, consider this an open thread for you to offer your thoughts and suggestions. We'll read and consider everything that's said here.

With G+ going away, the best place to follow me to hear my thoughts on roleplaying stuff is probably Twitter:
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There were a ton of great games submitted this year, but we managed to make a final decision. Your 2018 English-language Game Chef champion is: Sheep Therapy by Jadanys Clip!

We'll be announcing the global winner once all of the other language communities have selected winners and gotten them translated. In the meantime, feel free to use this community to continue talking about your games, especially if you're working on developing them further.

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I guess posting about it here jinxed our technical problems into sorting themselves out, because I can now bring you the seven finalists for Game Chef 2018:

The Legend of Alsa Tyrantslayer, by Don Bisdorf
Logout, by Alois Bourguenolle
Sheep Therapy, by Jadanys Clip
The Sinking Tower, by Jeffrey Bo Doon
RPG / Improvised Theatre, by David Joria
The Warrior's Journey, by Michael Meinberg
Colere, by Benjamin Smith

Congratulations to our finalists and a huge thank-you to everyone who participated this year.

Hey folks, we appreciate your patience as we get ready to announce the finalists for this year. We're having some issues with the Game Chef website, and it's important to post the results there (not just in this community) because not all participants are on G+.

All the reviews have been sent out! Check your email (and spam filter) for a message from Jay Sylvano, the other English-language coordinator. If you don't see one, contact one of us and we can re-send.

There were a few people who did not return their reviews, meaning that a few of you will have fewer than four reviews. You will not be penalized at the finalist stage if one or more of your assigned reviewers did not come through! If anyone would like to volunteer to do extra reviews for anyone who did not get all four returned, you can coordinate that in the comments to this post.

I'm excited to see so many reviews in already. Just a reminder that you have until the end of the day this coming Sunday, September 16, to get your reviews in. If you don't complete your reviews, you won't be eligible to be a finalist for this year's competition.

We have one person so far who has notified me of a conflict of interest with one of the games they've been assigned to review. Could I get a volunteer who hasn't done their reviews yet to swap one game with the person with the conflict? Just drop a comment here. Thanks!

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Peer review assignment emails have just gone out! If you haven't gotten your assignments by this time tomorrow, check your spam filter -- and if you still don't have them, contact me and I will re-send. Your reviews are due by September 16.

If you would like to see all of the games (minus the people who did not choose to allow their game to be shared publicly), you can see the list here:
Game Chef 2018 entries
Game Chef 2018 entries
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