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Aspiring Benjamin Harrison impersonator
Aspiring Benjamin Harrison impersonator

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Mechanics design question. I'm working on a game called Get Ready 2 Rock, which is about a band on tour (think This Is Spinal Tap, Flight of the Conchords, Metalocalypse). I'm considering adding a mechanic based on the "Darkest Self" from Monsterhearts, called Let The Music Take Control. In extreme circumstances (such as when you're about to take your last point of harm), you would basically transform into an exaggerated version of your own archetype until someone does something to bring you back to earth. Does this seem fitting? Any ideas on making it seem less derivative of Monsterhearts? 

tl;dr: Let's write some Laser Kittens hacks!

This is not an official solicitation yet, but I wanted to get the idea out there and circulating.

I'm rapidly running through the stock of Laser Kittens that I got printed with our Kickstarter funds last year. Rather than simply paying out of pocket for another 500 copies, I'm thinking about running a KS for a book of hacks and re-skins based around the LK system. It would be headlined by "Dino-Roars," a game about baby dinosaurs that I'm premiering at Breakout Con, but I would be looking for a diverse group of other folks to write for it too.

So if you have ideas, or know of people you think I should talk to about writing for this, let me know!

I'm going to Breakout Con! Here's the schedule of games I'm running:

Saturday 1 pm - 4 pm Dino-Roars
Saturday 7 pm - 10 pm Laser Kittens
Sunday 9 am - 1 pm Get Ready 2 Rock
Sunday 2 pm - 4 pm Laser Kittens

Idea: PbtA move-writing contest. I give you some evocative phrases, you write moves (for any PbtA game) based on them, then we vote on which is the best.

Gaming goals for 2017:

1. Get a regular (monthly?) one-shot night going again.

2 Run a campaign of something.

3. Release Dino-Roars (baby dinosaurs hack of Laser Kittens)

4. Get "Get Ready 2 Rock" (PbtA game about a band on tour) into a form strangers can playtest.

5. Decide if I want the official title of GR2R to use "2" or "to" (nb the 2 would have an umlaut over it)

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I want to play all of these (and I'm excited that Laser Kittens made the list)!

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If you were to play a lighthearted game about being baby dinosaurs, which setting would appeal to you more?

* An anthropomorphized Mesozoic Era, along the lines of the TV show "Dinosaurs."
* A modern setting with dinosaurs introduced through science, along the lines of "Jurassic Park" but sillier
* An ahistorical setting of humans and dinosaurs living together, along the lines of "The Flintstones"
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For a project I'm doing, I need examples of secondary-world fantasy RPG settings whose geography is clearly an imitation of the geography of the real world (especially Europe). For example, the land of Theah from Seventh Sea is clearly based on real-world Europe -- not just in its culture, but in the general layout of lands and seas. Other examples?

Idea: PbtA game about being staffers for an unpredictable US presidential candidate. Your stats would be Freedom, Justice, Flags, and AMERICA. Instead of tracking health and harm, you'd track your standing in the polls.

"To consult the Founding Fathers for advice, roll +AMERICA. On a 7-9, choose one: * circumstances today are so different from the 18th Century that the Founders' advice is hard to interpret, or * You get clear guidance from the Founders but gain the condition "originalist." On a 10+, the solution to your problem is right there in the plain meaning of the Constitution."
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