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The making of Harry Potter
Recently I had the pleasure to go to Warner Bros. studio tour, the making of Harry Potter for the 15th anniversary of the Philosophers Stone. Not only did they have the doors to 4 Privet Drive open so you could venture inside, there was additions of props a...

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Summer | books to read
Summer is finally here! First year at university is over, assignments are handed-in, stress is gone, now time to read. Now i'm not saying that i didn't get the chance to read because i got the chance to indulge in some incredible photography books but now's...

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Images I took while in Paris. Hello lovelies, it's been a while, uni has been a world wind of a journey these past months everything is so hectic and new but at the same time its so much fun when you look past the stress. In November I went to Paris for Par...

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A trip in photos | Bulgaria
Recently I returned from Bulgaria for a family holiday, it was my first holiday abroad and certainly won't be my last! We only went for a week which seemed to fly by, I really could've stayed longer it was so relaxing and the place was so beautiful! Most of...

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Summer To Be Read
After being stuck in a reading slump after leaving college and working more with little time to sit down and relax i found it difficult to find the time to read. Till recently i decided to write a list of books that i want to read over the summer before i g...

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What I Eat In A Day
Today i'm showing an insight to what i generally eat in a day. Recently i made my first youtube video! to share this. Having been vegetarian for 5 and a half years and recently began transitioning to vegan i thought it'd be interesting to share what i eat i...

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Adventuring | Dovedale
While being swamped down with final assignment work at college I was given the opportunity to go on a trip up North to Alton Towers so naturally i said yes and my adrenaline self came out for a day the theme park was relatively quiet which was great. After ...

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Reaching Out
A little project i did not long back featuring A mask, inspired by pretty little liars with them always being chased but never being caught or the identity of A being revealed to them until the season 5 finale! Why now, why give their name now? what made th...

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A Journey | university
Lately i've been distant from blogging and the internet in general, life has been so consumed with everything university, so i thought i'd share a few of my thoughts on the matter. Applying, preparing a portfolio, then the actual interviews which concluded ...
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