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Access and Control Android devices remotely from Mac/Win/Web with #AirDroid4:

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Going to start a new blog

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Watch FIFA #worldcup online at

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How to  Download URL's in Google Search as CSV files?

1. Go to google.  Click on the settings button on right side and select search settings.
2. On Google Instant prediction sections turn off instant search and set the limit to 100.
3. Now download and SEO Quake for Mozilla or Google Chrome.
4. Search with your keyword.
5. Now a box will appear on the top of search results. Click on save button.
6. A CSV file will be saved. Now open it with notepad.
7. Go to Edit>Replace.
8. Enter ; in find in box and , in replace box and save the documents.
9. Now open it with excel and you will see list of URL's If you don't want other data delete it.

#googletips   #seo   #seoquake  

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The Nokia Lumia #giveaway  ends today. Hurry up!!- #lumiagiveaway  

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Whenever I found an interesting article  I clip the article with my #evernote  web clipper chrome extension and save it in my interesting articles notebook with appropriate tags.   #chromextension   #chrometip  

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Chance to win a Blackberry Z10- only one day remaining-
#blackberry   #z10   #giveaway  
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