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Happy Thanksgiving!

Phew!  I'm glad that dang "Spring Forward" nonsense is over!  Feels good to be back in "STANDARD" Time!

Happy Independence Day, USA!!!

To all you "Moms" -- Happy Mother's Day! Just know your children celebrate you the other 354 days too!

Happy New Year!

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Visual of the "interconnectivity" of Tampa Bay Downs thus far:
  131 Unique Races
  967 Unique Horses (not Sires or Dams)  
  418 Unique Sires
  938 Unique Dams
  193 Unique Trainers
  79 Unique Jockeys
  591 Unique Owners
  777 Unique Breeders

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Healthy eating doesn't have to suck...Grass-fed ground beef mixed with steamed and chopped organic edamame patty, organic dijon mustard and sliced tomatoes, on a bed of romaine lettuce with sliced avocado and baked sweet potato fries. YUM!

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A decrease in aerosols are why we have BAD Hurricanes-Lower pollution levels linked to worse hurricanes-  #CantWin

R.I.P., Vince Flynn...thank you for so many fantastic novels.

I just love how Snowden's claims are being marginalized by Politicians and the media. "...nothing to see here, America, go back to sleep..."
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