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Slow Cooker Lentil Soup with Bacon Recipe - in case you accidentally had cookies for breakfast. #slowcooker #soup #healthy #crockpotrecipes #detox  
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This looks like such a cozy meal. 
I could use a bowl of this today - it's pouring rain out, perfect day for hearty soup.
+Aaron Lambert  Me too. Soup is my friend. :) +Jeanette Chen  I could too!! It's snowing finally so I think we are going to make another batch. This time I need to remember to freeze some!
+Aaron Lambert It's funny you say that - I made homemade stock last week for the first time in ages but of course I didn't make enough. I need to make it again and next time I need to get more bones/necks and good stuff like that for flavor. Do you have a recipe?
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