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The Humble person who loves to write behind the scene, sharing her own journey in the Big World as seen through her own lens...
The Humble person who loves to write behind the scene, sharing her own journey in the Big World as seen through her own lens...

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This charming little town is ancient and like many others, has her own history.
Her once glorious days were well-preserved, and never declined despite her fall from favor as a key trading capital.

Everything was kept intact, just like yesterday and this little town is just so picturesque that it's hard to forget; like postcards and from the past.

It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and will continue to be remembered, the way it was, once upon a time~

Here, the ancient town of Hoi An...

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Street food is not uncommon when traveling in Asia, though it takes the adventurous to sample some of the food on sale.

Some are simply just not for the weak-hearted, or stomach...

The short trip down the famous Wangfujing Food Street may give you a tiny glimpse into the exotic eats, a little more than what you have bargained for...

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I have read about the magnificent wonders of the world since I was a little girl, and make it a point to include them into my travel bucket list since then, hoping to visit them all someday.

I am in awe of the wonders, and of them all, this definitely ranks high on the list, and I am humbled and thankful that I have finally seen this splendid structure...

It is truly the Wonder of all wonders...there is none other than the Great Wall of China~

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Danang is famed for its sandy beach, and I ended up visiting temples, though it was well worth my time too.

Here's another temple I visited; the largest temple in the city of Danang, Linh Ong Pagoda~

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Danang may be known for its beaches when the coastal town was introduced to the world, and many flock to the lure of the swaying trees and sandy beaches having been captivated by the posters.

I stepped away from the beaches and headed onto another of its gems; the Marble Mountains on the southern part, to explore the stories and secrets hidden within the cool and airy pores of the limestone caves and hills...

It left me breathless, from the climb and never ceasing wonders of nature, read about it here~

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We can visit a place once, and think we have seen it all.
We may revisit or never, yet sees that nothing has changed.
There are some places which are different physically, but gives you a different feeling and perspective every time you're there.

The change is not seen, but it is within that you find a different light.
A place where I have visited more than once, and still look forward to future visit, for it is truly unique, in that sense.

A place which gives a perspective on wisdom...or should I say, the dawn of a new wisdom?

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~A dream is a wish our heart makes~
What do you wish for?
Everyone has things they wish for, and for those wishes to be fulfilled.
Only we ourselves know, and we all make wishes, don't we?

Make a wish, wish upon a is all about making wishes...

I don't know about you, but I love to wish, all the time~

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We don't always stick to our usual familiar cuisines and usually we adapt to the local cuisines available while traveling.

However, there are also times when we may find another nation's cuisine in a different country which could easily be mistaken as the country of its origin itself.

For instance, finding impeccable Thai flavors in this one, which left such a memorable impact~

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One of my favorite places that leaves a beautiful memory and just that simple bliss as I embark on a lighthearted walk; along a scenic path after my visit to the beautiful Ginkaku-ji.

I love walking, but this is definitely one of the most enjoyable, scenic and memorable walks which let me to get lost completely, in my own thoughts...just like the renowned local professor and philosopher did, every single day...

I wouldn't mind taking the same path daily too ;)

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We are often fixed on the the obvious; seeing things for what they really appear to be on the surface and more often than not, we miss what lies beneath.

There is always that hidden streak not visible to the naked eye; if only we give it a second chance, that second glance, as this unique landmark reminds.

A place suggesting its silver appearance yet no silver is visible in sight, and still remains one of the most treasured landmarks in the land.
It is not the sparkly or blinding silver as you would expect, but rather, the sweet silver lining which takes more than the naked eyes to unveil...
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