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New minor release of TextSecure in the store.


* Fix importing contact numbers with weird characters.
* Improve attachment UI.
* Log app messages to ~/.cache/textsecure.jani/log.
* Allow uploading application debug logs to github.

Unfortunately upstream won't consider accepting server changes to handle push notifications for Ubuntu Touch, making the long term viability of this app questionable.

While it should still do the job for those messaging their Signal contacts on other mobile platforms, it is unlikely it will reach feature parity with Signal on those platforms or with Telegram on Ubuntu Touch.

New release of TextSecure in the store, dealing mostly with registration related issues:


* Add unregistration UI to allow fixing broken setups.
* Make sure to use contact names not numbers in session titles.
* UI to double check phone number when registering.
* Try to fix incorrectly entered phone numbers when registering (i.e. dropping extra 0s)

A new release, TextSecure 0.3.9 is in the store including few but useful changes :)

* Reduce excessive CPU usage even when idle.
* Show video thumbnails.
* Do not cover text with the thumbnail when a message has both text and media content.
* Remove intro page, add a 'Help' menu item instead.
* Small UI cleanups.

Short release cycle this time, TextSecure 0.3.8 is in the store.


* Always show most recent conversations at the top.
* Allow deleting single messages.
* Allow creating a group with only one other member besides us.
* On startup try sending out previously unsent messages.
* Remove old-style storage dir if detected instead of asking the user to remove it manually.
* Rework signup page wording and layout and localize it.

TextSecure 0.3.7 has just been released to the store, the first one that enables i18n. The changelog is below. Happy testing and file bugs on github :)

* Add translations for 35 languages, imported from Signal for Android.
* Allow deleting a conversation.
* Emphasize conversations with unread messages.
* Add 'Mark all read' menu item.
* Show the phone number of the contact in the conversation page.
* Use a distinct style for group update messages.

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TextSecure version 0.3.6 is in the store, with a small changelog (some preparation work for upcoming changes has been done in the background though)

* Allow placing a phone call (regular, non-secure) to the contact we're messaging.
* Fix message info action.
* Rearrange/remove/add some menu actions to match Signal on Android.
* Simplify welcome page.

Please file bugs if you can't register or import your contacts properly. I do have a list of know bugs already [1], but corner cases issues on first install are more difficult to find.

[1] -

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Is there a way to follow up on app review comments in the store?

It's a pity to have incomplete bug reports filed there instead of the app's issue tracker.
Anyone giving TextSecure a try and finding bugs, please file it on github, for example having 'cannot import contacts' with no additional info in a review is not helpful :)

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The main reason for staying up way too often past midnight during the last six months.

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Last Friday, the US bombed a hospital run by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) [1] in Kunduz, destroying it in a nearly hour-long raid with many of its patients and doctors still inside.

On Saturday, the official statement was that this had been a mistake, a mistargeting in the fog of war.

On Sunday, MSF pointed out that not only did they routinely give the GPS coordinates of the hospital to US forces (most recently five days before the bombing), but they had been on the phone with military officials during the strike trying to get them to stop, with the US nonetheless continuing to bomb for another half hour, and that on top of this the other buildings in the compound were undamaged even as just the hospital was destroyed.

On Monday, the US rolled back its story, claiming that the strike had been deliberate, but had been necessary because the Taliban was using the hospital as a base and had been firing out of it, pinning down US and Afghan forces and requiring close air support.

On Tuesday, as film reviewed by the AP demonstrated that this was not, in fact, the case, and that nobody had been firing anything from the hospital, the US rolled back its story yet again, and is now claiming that while there were a lot of civilian casualties in the hospital, the attack was nonetheless justified because there were a lot of senior Taliban members in the hospital who were also killed.

As MSF's General Director, Christopher Stokes, said on Sunday, these latest official US statements "[amount] to admission of a war crime;" at this point, the statements amount to "yes, we blew up a hospital with people in it, and yes, we did that on purpose, but we were justified in doing so."

What seems to be the case, and what most sources have started to concede, is that the Afghan government has long hated the existence of this particular hospital, as (like all MSF hospitals) it has been known to treat whoever was sick or injured and came through the door, no matter which side they were on. 

My best estimate of the underlying reasoning, at this point, has to do with the Obama administration's ongoing negotiations with the Afghan government about the pullout of remaining US forces, and their urge to make extra-nice with the Afghans -- say, by blowing up some hospitals for them -- to try to keep them on our side for a bit longer after we leave.

The article linked provides an excellent timeline, as well as quotes from all sides as the story unrolled, so that you can see how the official statements have shifted as each line became untenable in turn.

[1] Disclosure: You'll find me on their major donors list for the past decade.

[This post has been edited with a substantial rewrite for clarity, since I wrote the first draft half-asleep.]

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Glad to see Romania finally reaching the 100% mark as well
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