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Metal is my religion
Just the best clips of metal & hard rock from the web. \m/
Just the best clips of metal & hard rock from the web. \m/

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Fvneral Moon by Lorna Shore

Just in time for my back and abs workout, proper metal Monday tunes courtesy of the song Fvneral Moon from Lorna Shores scorching hot 2017 album. 

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Arkona - Liki Bessmertnykh Bogov
Forgotten tunes from old Russia meets contemporary metal

Some Sunday mornings you need to power up the day with Lorna shore before your morning run, and other times the calmer vibe of Arkona makes for a perfect addition.

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Unleash the archer, time stands still

Brand new video from dec 1, 2016 from the latest but not brand new Unleash the archer album :)


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The Agonist - Gates of Horn and Ivory
fear is not my master

rock on people :)

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the Agonist - My witness, your victim
a little bit of ass kicking for the weekend

The Agonist, I have to admit, have surfaced as one of my own fav bands as of late. And if they are a new encounter for you, give them a long look as you plow through their material, they seem to have that rare quality that grows on you over time.

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Once Human - Eye of Chaos
new stuff from the 2017 album

Last year Once Human put out a really good debut album. Nothing earth shattering good, but a very solid, quality metal album with another Arch Enemy like growling petite chick vocalist, but not just a generic clone, instead Once Human had some distinct qualities of their own. Some of the songs instantly made it into my own kill it in the gym Spotify playlist, sending my weights into the air with inspired ease :).

So I for one am looking forward to what they will manage to bring to the table come 2017. And with this official video from the up and coming album, I have to say that it is sounding very promising because this Arch Enemy,Meshuggah, the agonist like thing absolutely sounds as if it might take the next quality step up from their debut album.

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Metallica - Moth Into Flame
Anthrax,slayer,Megadeth, and now Metallica

The big four somehow still manages to all be active, productive and creative. Churning out new material after all these years. Metallica has been the slowest getting something brand new out the door, but, on the other hand, quality always beats quantity, so hopefully the wait will prove to be worth it.

So far, I am holding Anthrax´s latest for all kings as the by far best 'big four' album, and one of the better metal albums last couple of years.

Anyway, Moth Into Flame didnt strike me right away, but having listened to it a few more times I have to admit that it´s not bad at all and actually growing on me, so Metallica might end up taking the nr.2 spot behind Anthrax ( Unless they surprise me big time and the rest of the album somehow manages to push beyond Anthrax killer album ). 

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Anthrax - Blood Eagle Wings
seriously gory video

Okay, this one, the latest video from Anthrax, Blood eagle wings from their monumentally awesome 2016 release for all kings is seriously not for the faint of heart.

Blood Eagle Wings is metal at it´s very best and Anthrax 2016 might be the band actually and truly being better than it ever was.

But seriously this video is like dipping your toes in all the gory and cruel parts of war and inhumanity that we humans sadly do far too often towards each other. Great song, great video,just not for the faint of heart.

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epica - victims of contingency

tune in, turn up the volyme and destroy some fucking weights :) 
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