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mike moncrief
How did I end up here in this situation??
How did I end up here in this situation??

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Kim ran 2 races in Melbourne this morning.. She placed third in her age group in a 2 miler .. And tenth in her 10 k. here are a few pics from this morning.. It was right on the intercostal ..and I threw in a picture of Marley the Circus dog.. Just because..
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Another amazing and daring video.. Watch all the way..
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if you watch anything today.. Watch this.. And be grateful..
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I am getting no audio on all videos that I am viewing from within the Google + iPad App... anyone else have this issue ?.
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I got to play with the mini this past week.. And it was way better than I expected..
Dam you Apple !!
Apple's iPad mini: my 60-second review

I just got mine on Friday and here's my initial thoughts: Take an iPad and make it smaller, thinner and lighter and you've got an iPad mini. The experience is really just about identical. OK, 50-seconds left:Β 

Q. Is it as light and thin as you thought it would be?
A. Actually, it's thinner and lighter than I was expecting. If actually feels lighter than my iPhone 5. Once you use it, and then pick up your old iPad, the old one feels like a brick (which it never did to me before, but it sure does now).Β 

Q. What about the lack of Retina display?
A. I thought this would bother me, but you really have to be looking for a difference to notice it. Everybody I've shown it to was surprised at how good the screen looked after reading about the lack of Retina display. I guess if you put them side-by-side you'd notice.

Q. How about speed?Β 
A. Seems really zippy. I'm sure in a bench test it would rate it quite a bit slower, but it doesn't feel like it.Β 

Q. How do you feel about the price?
A. I think they should have come in at $299 to start, or even $249, but the market will determine if it's actually too high.Β 

Q. Do books and magazines feel too small on that smaller display?
A. This is one of the first things I checked, and they actually look great, especially paperback books. The size is right on the money.Β 

Q. What are people's reactions to it?
A. Every single person I've shown it to falls instantly in love with the size, thinness and how amazingly light it is. Two said they're going to sell their larger iPad to get this one. You actually have to see it and hold it to really appreciate it.

Q. What if you already own a different type of small tablet and therefore this review has absolutely nothing to do with you?
A. Then, you should take this opportunity to attack Apple, me, and the other stupid people that buy Apple products.Β 

Q. Are you really suggesting that?
A. No, but it's going to happen anyway (sigh).
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Great little mini doc shot on Canon 5d..
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