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A Time Tested Man who is Pissed Off and Confused!
A Time Tested Man who is Pissed Off and Confused!

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Congratulation Indiana, you may have taken the lead on Oklahoma as the most backward, bigoted, redneck, bible beating state in the Union. Today Governor Pence  signed bill SB-101 which is the religious freedom bill.

This bill will allow businesses to refuse service to anyone that is against their religious views. It is said to be a pay back for the Federal District Court ruling Indiana's ban on gay marriages was unconstitutional. 

You may be asking why I am posting this on an Atheism site. Well who goes against a religious person's beliefs most of all? That's right an Atheist. Now if you say you are an Atheist you can be refused service.

I just call myself The Geezer's Mind. I'm not Old I am just Time Tested and I don't like what I see in the world today.

 I am an atheist and belong to several atheist communities.  I've found these atheist communities are no better than a theist community. It is all "I'm right and you are wrong!". They all seem to have the attitude of "Me, Me, Me and F**K You". They spend their time making fun and insulting rather than trying to find answers.

I hope I have found a community that is not about "Me" but about "We".

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Welcome from The Geezer. Tell him a subject you would like to discuss.

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Thought some of you might enjoy this. This is maybe how it all happened.

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"Breaking News" by The Geezer! NASA and the Defense Department have   just announced that an alien spacecraft has entered earth's atmosphere and is   preparing to land. The exact landing site is not yet known.

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The Geezer, much as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963, The Geezer has a   dream! The Geezer hopes that Dr. King's family does not have a problem   with The Geezer changing some of his words but The Geezer feels that his words applied to race, now apply to the average American Citizen.
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