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Olumide Alabi
Eclectic IT Consultant, Photographer, Connoisseur of beautiful things.
Eclectic IT Consultant, Photographer, Connoisseur of beautiful things.

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The newest episode of The GhenGhen. Don't dull.

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If you haven't been checking out #TheGhenGhen. You're on a very long thing.

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Cool. I got in the 3 stars zone. Now I can get back to work.

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Even better

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Not bad at all. 

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Jon Gomm is a phenomenon. Mad guitar skills with fantastic vocals to boot.

OMG! Canon is about to unleash a monster. The Canon EOS 1D X.

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I've been hearing tons of complaints about the iPhone 4S not being the promised device. Interestingly I'm actually very excited about it. One feature stands heads and shoulders above the rest and that for me is Siri.

The inherent potential of siri is amazing. Now if only Nigerian developers would add to the API stockpile and make it even more useful for day to day life out here.

Check out this video of an interview by +Robert Scoble with the founders of Siri

I want an iPhone 4S so bad right now.

My heart is heavy. The world says goodbye to a genius and a maverick. RIP Steve Jobs.

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