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I ended up binge watching this new Netflix Original. I really enjoyed it - there is some really funny stuff throughout.

I just learned that the world press has been pursuing the identity of someone they call "Trumps imaginary friend." Apparently, always in reference to Paris, Trump has often mentioned a guy named Jim that he claims is an expert on Paris, that lives in Paris.

But no one has ever seen or met this guy. No one on the planet. And Jim was mysteriously missing from the entire Paris trip.

Some seriously funny memes have started. Just Google "Trumps friend Jim" and see what pops up. 

I'm thinking of producing my own podcast

I have a few questions:

1. What do you think about podcast and podcasting?
2. Do you listen to any podcast; and, if so; which are your favorites?
3. Are there any subjects or categories you feel are not being served properly?
4. Do you have any equipment, software, or service recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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The future is electric, and we are one step closer after Eviation Aircraft released the first prototype of an all-electric airplane.

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Wow, I thought her head was bigger.

My new word for today:


Members of the news media considered as a class. All the pundits and commentators of the news media collectively, but, more particularly, the journalists and broadcasters who analyze and comment on current affairs like a Charlie Rose, Dan Rather, Bill O'Riley, or a Rachel Maddow. The more prominently known ones.

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Specter finally got him - RIP

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I'd love to have one of these - I'd drive it!!

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Creepy and fascinating!

I cringed at the hand-holding!

Hat tip to +Chad W Darroch Thanks!
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