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Robert Wilhelm
Author and blogger on historical true crime.
Author and blogger on historical true crime.

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Stranger Than a Dime Novel.
Little Murders (From St. Louis Republican, December 31,1878) Stranger Than a Dime Novel.  Murder Revealed by an Old Letter After Two Years’ Concealment. The Vandalia train which arrived at the Union depot yesterday morning had on board Sheriff Heber, of Gre...

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Death for an Insult.
Little Murders In 1881 J.T. Carter married Alice Thorpe; he was a successful saddler and she the accomplished and highly-regarded daughter of W.L. Thorpe, a contractor and lumber merchant. All were prominent citizens of Pensacola, Florida. The marriage was ...

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Nellie C. Bailey.
Nellie C. Bailey. William Dodson led a drive of 2300 head of sheep from Kansas through Indian Territory to their new home in Texas in October 1883. A mile behind them the owner of the new ranch, a widower named Clement Bothemly, and his sister Bertha rode i...

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Fatal Cutting Affray.
Little Murders Thomas Reveley Thomas Reveley, a prominent St. Louis attorney, went into Peckington’s Golden Lion saloon at Seventh and Pine Streets a little after 9:00 pm on February 8, 1896. He had gone to the Golden Lion for his evening meal, as he often ...

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Boston Detectives—So Called.
(From the New York Herald , November 5, 1875.) Boston Detectives—So Called. A Startling Record of their Inefficiency— When Did They Ever Work Up a Murder Case to a Successful Issue? Boston, Nov. 4, 1875 The recent failure of the so-called Boston detectives—...

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Kitty Mulcahey.
Little Murders Kitty Mulcahey A pistol shot from the churchyard of the Second Presbyterian Church, in St. Louis, at around 11:45 the night of December 18, 1881, caught the attention of several people who had been outside nearby. Alfred Tonkin, a horse-clipp...

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Spiritualism as a Witness in a Murder Case.
It would scarcely be safe as a general thing to trust the intervention of spiritual powers for the detection of crime and for the evidence sufficient to convict its perpetrators. But in a murder case in Connecticut a grand juror, an able counsel, a learned ...

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She Didn’t Do as He Wished.
Little Murders Shortly after 4:00, the afternoon of November 4, 1893, Fred L. Buck rushed into the police station in Elgin, Illinois and announced, “I’ve just killed my wife; she’s been leading a fast life and I had to end it.” Police went to the Bucks’ res...

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The Dedham Tragedy.
Finding the Bodies In September 1868, the family of Dr. Carlos Marston rented rooms in a house that had previously been a hotel in South Dedham, Massachusetts. The family consisted of the doctor, a forty-year-old homeopathic physician; Susannah, his wife of...

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Sin and Sorrow.
Little Murders When neighbors heard two muffled gunshots, the afternoon of September 20, 1880, coming from the home of George Ware and family on Maple Street in Dayton, Ohio, it caused little concern; they assumed someone inside was trying to kill rats. But...
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