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See a Need, Fill a Need
See a Need, Fill a Need

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Tomorrow will be a busy yet fantastic day for URU fans! Not only will the All Guilds Meeting be held in Kirel at 13:00 KI time in MOULa, but over on Gehn Shard, the Guild of Writers is hosting a "Hacktivation" party for the Great Zero immediately following the meeting!

An update on the latter: Hoikas will be hosting music during the party. You can tune in here at the appropriate time:

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"Korman and the Great Zero" sounds like a story title, but it's actually a plugin update and an upcoming event from the Guild of Writers!

Radio Free D'ni is having a concert featuring the late, great David Bowie this Sunday!

JayRho continues the tradition of the Friday Night Dance Party with another event tonight:

Zesty and Kirk of Xeniphers and Mister Magic are planning a game event for later this month: "Memory Lane Part 3: Mission Im-Possible!"

The year's first AGM has come and gone, and there was much to talk about:

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JayRho will be streaming music on Thursday night:

Mister Magic is hosting a Christmas party, with events and music!
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