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It's Flying Ant Day!!!!!!!!

All other Flying Ant Days in the garden appear to have been suberfuge and false flag operations. This is the one true Flying Ant Day.

The ground everywhere is crawling with ants - winged and non winged.
Hey +Rebecca Nesbit - what gives?! When did the ants take up such tactics!? Please can you send me the link to the site so that I can report this awesome sight!

I was out in the garden watching them and then came in for a few minutes to get my camera, when I returned all the winged ones had flown away. How long does it take for each nest to launch their pilots?
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+Rebecca Nesbit Sorry - I went to get the camera to try and capture the image but I was only gone 2 mins and when I got back they'd all gone!

It was like a little backwards tornado - a small black cloud rising up from the ground.
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